The Ducks & Forgiveness

Katie Baker  ·  July 17, 2016  ·  Faith/Family, Health, Lifestyle, Christianity

By: Marcia 'Katie' Stowe Baker - TapWires News Service

Sometimes we have been hurt so deeply we may not even realize that there is unforgiveness for that person or act. To give you an example, a minister, who apparently was hearing from the Lord, told me that I had some unforgiveness in my past that was actually making me physically ill. I couldn't remember what he could possibly be speaking of, so he told me to pray and ask God what it was.

The next day as I was cleaning the floors in my kitchen, the Lord brought to my memory that when I was about 6 or 7 years old my Daddy had told me and my sister Marilyn that he would get us ducks for Easter.

Well, coming back home in our family’s 1956 Chevy, my sister and I started fussing while Daddy was driving the car. 

“You’re on my side.”

“No, you crossed that line in the seat.”

“Don’t touch me!”

He told us to quiet down and we immediately did, but then we started it all over again.

“Don’t touch me!”

"OK. I told you to be quiet and because you did not obey me, now you are not getting the ducks for Easter," Daddy said.

Apparently this really hurt me and made me angry at my Daddy. Now mind you, I was 29 years old when the Lord brought back this memory of unforgiveness I had been harboring all these years!

Following the minister's instructions, I picked up the phone and called my father and said, "Daddy I forgive you."

“OK ... but Honey, what for?”

“’Cause you didn’t buy me the ducks when I was little.”

Both of us started laughing and I explained to Daddy what the minister had told me. Believe it or not, this was just the beginning of the healing process. As the days went by, the Lord showed me other areas and times in my life when someone had wronged me (at least in my opinion) and I had not forgiven them for that wrong. And guess what … I got well!

Have a wonderfully blessed day and I hope my experiences I have shared today will help you too or someone you know in just a small way.

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