CBS' Jim Nantz RIPS Kaepernick on Hot Mic

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In a video (below) posted by Deadspin, CBS' lead play-by-play announcer Jim Nantz can be heard on a hot mic moments before the September 29th game between the Dolphins and Bengals ripping the national anthem protest movement.

In the clip, Nantz says what everybody's already thinking about these NFL players who insist on kneeling during the anthem: "They're gonna keep kneeling as long as they have cameras right in their face."

Some, including analyst and former NFL quarterback Boomer Esiason, wonder if the league is telling it's broadcast partners to ease-up on all the protest coverage essentially saying, "Enough already, we're not showing this anymore."

According to ProFootballTalk, during the game Thursday night,

"CBS didn't show any of the anthem protests before the game. Later, however, CBS displayed a recording of Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall kneeling during the anthem and a group of Chargers players raising a fist, with commentary from Nantz regarding the ongoing situation.

At the outset of the fourth quarter, Nantz and CBS took a right turn from the game to point out that several players showed respect and deference to another traditional expression of love of country.

"By the way, a lot of discussion and scrutiny about the national anthem," Nantz said. "Just to be fair here, during the quarter change they played God Bless America. Philip Rivers, in the middle of a drive, he paused and was singing. You see in the background, Melvin Ingram along with Jatavis Brown with their hands over their heart."

"Good sight," Phil Simms added."

Many have weighed in on the anthem protests originated by San Francisco 49er Colin Kaepernick including Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who said in an interview with Katie Couric,

"I think it's dumb and disrespectful. I would have the same answer if you asked me about flag burning. I think it's a terrible thing to do, but I wouldn't lock a person up for doing it. I would point out how ridiculous it seems to me to do such an act.

If they want to be stupid, there's no law that should be preventive. If they want to be arrogant, there's no law that prevents them from that. What I would do is strongly take issue with the point of view that they are expressing when they do that."

Kaepernick responded to Ginsburg's comments by telling the San Jose Mercury News,

"It is disappointing to hear a Supreme Court justice call a protest against injustices and oppression 'stupid, dumb' in reference to players doing that.

I was reading an article and it refers to white critique of black protests and how they try to de-legitimize it by calling it 'idiotic, dumb, stupid,' things of that nature, so they can sidestep the real issue. As I was reading that I saw more and more truth how this has been approached by people in power and white people in power in particular."

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