Tebow on New Book 'Shaken' ... Tackling Life's Ups and Downs

Jake Baker  ·  November 01, 2016  ·  Lifestyle, Christianity, Featured, Sports

By: Dr. Jake Baker - TapWires News Service

In what must be a difficult challenge for anyone, this young man proves again that a real hero can tackel life's ups and downs and find strength to rise above the circumstances and come out a winner. Tim Tebow just has no quit in him.  After essentially being-blackballed by the NFL for his faith, Tim Tebow has seen that faith strengthen, his attitude remain unshaken and his resolve hardened.  

You may love him or you may hate him but you cannot deny he is a singularity in the world of sports, faith, and life in general.  At a talent-challenged Denver Bronco's team quarterback Tim Tebow willed his team to the playoffs.  When let go unceremoniously by former Bronco's quarterback and now GM John Elway, he had nothing but good to say about Denver and thanked them for the opportunity.  He took his act on the NFL road and never once publicly complained about the obvious discrimination against him.  

As he was mocked on television by the likes of Dan Marino and Boomer Esiason, he never struck back, rather he bravely displayed his faith, moving forward and behaving as a near perfect Christian gentleman.  In the meanwhile, he has helped accident victims, prayed for the sick and even the dying and taken time to write a book to encourage others who find their lives upside down and at the opposite end of where they thought they would be in "Shaken" Going Through The Lows Is Something I'm Thankful For.  Here's his interview with Megyn Kelly.

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