Former National Public Radio COO: ‘Maybe the Right-Wing Media Isn’t Crazy, After All’

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By:  Dr. Jake Baker – TapWires News Service

Ken Stern, the former COO of National Public Radio, who was ousted in a policy disagreement coup, has a surprising interview in Vanity Fair defending, if not a little back-handedly, conservative media.  Sterns begins by taking the “right wing” media, such as Breitbart News, to task.  He says “reporting”, such as it is, is not inaccurate.  He admits that factually the articles are correct but he chides them for being so “fantastically” one-sided and “mean-spirited.”

Stern contends that if Breitbart (and by inference conservative media) were your main news source, you would receive a largely distorted and wholly unrecognizable news presentation that would seem completely foreign to large parts of America.

His criticism, however, is not limited to conservative media.  Sterns argues that the Washington Post is not much better. 

“When I checked the news the other day… I counted some 20 articles about the presidential race, each espousing the unequivocal view that one candidate is collapsing due to moral failings, financial improprieties, and complete and utter lack of judgment and ethics. Notably, I was not reading Breitbart. Instead, I was reading The Washington Post, delivered to my doorstep, and the attacks were squarely waged not against the Clintons but rather against Trump.’

‘In the Front Section, there was an incredible array of Trump-phobia, ranging from attacks on his business acuity to his ethics (“How Trump got a personal tax break by defaulting on loans”), to his personal knowledge (“Trump’s map of black America needs an update”), to stupid opinions about Trump (“Nader predicts fastest impeachment in history for a President Trump”), to smart opinions about Trump (“a contemptible candidate—and the party to blame for it”).’

Stern lamented that he found more anti-Trump articles in the "Metro" and "Style" sections of The Post.  His conclusion, “audiences are increasingly seeking, and demanding, news that fits their personal notion of what is important and what is true."

Stern continued, “That may be good for business, and audience, but it is most certainly not good for the notion of a democracy that depends on some notion of shared values and common discourse."  Shared values and common discourse are code for constant compromise.

Stern and others, even those who recognize the obvious mainstream media bias, want to adopt the Fox News understanding of news and present “fair and balanced” news. This is yet another snare being laid by the intelligencia like Stern who, in demanding fair and balanced, are, in fact, laying a trap for all of us to accept the moral equivalency between left and right.  This is classic Hegelian Dialectic – thesis – anti-thesis – synthesis. 

The obvious flaw is there is no moral equivalency between right and wrong.  Truth lies not in compromise but in the understanding that true morality is not tethered to the GOP or conservatives or even conservative media, but to an eternal standard that cannot and will not be amended.  It is eternal. If morality is nothing more than the caprice of popular opinion, then we have no morality ... only power.  That is a formula for anarchy, followed inevitably by tyranny. 

The dichotom.y of course. lies in the difference between power and authority.  If one has power. but no authority, governance will be tyrannical with the iron fist not even disguised in the velvet glove.  These are the tactics of the American left who seek to crush everyone who would deviate from their “progressive” opinions.  While clamoring for diversity, progressives demand absolute conformity to their dark and bloody form of immorality embracing deviant sexual behavior, human sacrifice of the preborn, hospice (which is legalized extermination of the elderly and infirmed), assisted suicide, and a culture of race baiting, drug clouded anarchy, bereft of all decency and true morality.    

On the opposite side of the coin is authority without power, which is the case of the right.  Being ‘right’ without the power needed to bring change is both frustrating and ineffectual.  That has been the lot of the ever-shrinking minority of Americans who still cling to traditional Judeo-Christian American values and a constitutional understanding of a “complex republican” form of government. 

Slick operators like Stern always call for both sides giving a little, which says, take right and mix it with just a little wrong and call it compromise, which is supposedly, good.  Unfortunately, many, in fact most, have bought into the lie that you can mix a little good and a little evil and still have good.  It cannot be.  Decon which kills rats is 97% corn and 3% poison … the rats die from just a little bit of poison.  Hopefully, the message is clear.  Compromise with just a little evil is deadly. 

So, the solution is simple:  Either resign ourselves to the tyrannical anarchy of the left or band together and take control of our lives on a state by state basis.  We need to put up the money, the time, and the involvement it takes to take over state politics and elections.  We need to own every position of power from city council to the governor’s chair. 

I’ll write more on this process later, but for now, it is enough to know that it can be done and there is such a plan in existence.  There is a way to wrest back control of our lives, taxes, and future if we are willing to pay the price. If we do not possess such resolve, we will surely pay the ultimate price for inactivity and indolence. 

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