BREAKING! Julian Assange Interview Everyone Has Been Waiting For! Hillary is DONE!

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By Dr. Jake Baker - TapWires News Service

Corruption, perversion, sexual scandals, national security betrayal, and death are all a part of the scandal-plagued Clinton campaign.  An RT interview with Julian Assange, based on emails from her own server and the email accounts of John Podesta, Huma Abadin and Anthony Weiner (both of who have allegedly flipped on Hillary to try to avoid prison) reveals possible sexual deviancy, influence peddling, racketeering, felonious breaches of the National Securities Act, and possibly, according to Texas Congressman, Michael McCaul, treason.

Assange also discusses the creation and funding of ISIS and the ‘questionable’ arms deals that have taken place with countries like Saudi Arabia, whose government Mrs. Clinton names as one of the prime originators and funding sources of ISIS. 

This is a hard-hitting interview where many of Hillary’s lies about the Russians being the source for WikiLeaks and other wild conspiracies are debunked.  The materials revealed are so damning that at one point Assange make it clear that in his mind ‘Hillary is done.'  He also says that Hillary Clinton is “sick” … driven mad by her own insatiable ‘ambition.’ 

For instance, as a part of the disastrous “Arab Spring” where many U.S. friendly government were overthrown, she single-handedly engineered the overthrow of the Muammar Gaddafi regime and turned Libya into a terrorist state for the expressed purpose of giving her a foreign policy chip for the general election.

This is the insanity that drives Hillary Clinton.  She is the center cog in a machine whose gears and levers reach deeply into Wall Street, banking, terrorist states, militant Islam, corruption in Congress and who serves as an assembly line, turning out death, destruction, terrorism and in the minds of many, treasonous relationships with terrorists and terrorist states. 

How will these revelations affect the upcoming election?  That remains to be seen but there can be no doubt that these revelations from her own server have had a decidedly negative affect on the Clinton campaign.  Recent reports by CNN are showing the effect on the electoral college vote and as the headline says for Hillary “The Numbers Are Not Good.” 

Both the FBI and NYPD are privately talking about indictments based on new information gathered from the email accounts of Anthony Weiner and his estranged wife and Hillary confidant, Huma Abadin.

After watching this video and examining the emails that are flooding out of the WikiLeaks releases many who have seen this Assange interview have come to the conclusion that the madness of Hillary Clinton will surely be the end of America should she ascend to the presidency. 

Watch the interview below:   

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