I've Got To Be Honest – I’m More Excited about Hillary Losing Then I Am Trump Winning

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By Dr. Jake Baker -TapWires News Service

Don’t get me wrong … I’m happy that Trump won!  But I have made no secret of the fact that I am not a big Trump guy.  However, expecting Hillary to win the election, I spent the entire day yesterday contemplating the end of America.  I groaned at the thought of a Hillary win knowing that if that happened, America was over. 

So, there I sat last night waiting for the worst.  I was as morbidly depressed at the start of the night as the Clinton supporters were at the end of the night.  But as the evening droned on, a glimmer of light began to permeate the political darkness.  As the morning was breaking on the winter horizon, the light grew until sometime after 2:00 AM ET, the political sun rose the long night of our despair and Donald Trump was declared the President Elect.

Uncharastically, Mr. Trump was humble, charitable and graccious in victory.  Here's his acceptance speech.

What brought about this fortuitous change of fortune which freed us from the political morass in which we were mired?  As you might suspect there were several factors.  Some of those factors got us into this situation and some may get us back out. 

First, there is “The Donald”, who, if we are honest, is - shall we say - not the perfect candidate.  Sorry Trump supporters, but he was not the greatest possible choice. He made the race very difficult but it’s clear that it was the combative nature of Donald Trump that got him the nomination and it is with a degree of honest admiration, I must say, that I admit it was his dogged determination and combative nature that carried him through to victory when many men would have withered under the unceasing hammering he took from the Democrats, the media, and even his own party. 

However, it is not as if we here at TapWires didn’t see this coming.  As I predicted, the media backed him 100% until he won the nomination and then again, as I predicted, they turned on him like rabid dogs … which somehow seems a fitting description for the motley crews at MSNBC or CNN commentators, like James Carville and others of his ilk.  Again, as predicted, they opened the flood gates and out came everything Trump had ever done with the pièce de résistance being the locker room video of Mr. Trump in full shockingly vulgar jocularity.  But then, in the darkest of times, and just when we thought it was over for Trump, as if by divine appointment … there was Hillary. 

Pride goeth before a fall . . .

The Democrats fervently believed that Donald Trump was the worst candidate in history.  Their sin, of course, was pride.  They were trying to remove the speck from the eye of the GOP while forgetting about the log in their own eye … Hillary Clinton. 

In the end, it was the breathtaking arrogance of the Democrats that was their undoing.  On the periphery, they foisted such hideous liberalism upon the nation that all but the most diehard elitist liberals were offended by at least one, often many, of the left’s audacious overreaches.  From legislating homosexual marriage from SCOTUS, sponsored by Barack Obama, with Hillary in the supporting cast, to transgender trans-nonsense, encouraging illegals to vote, open borders, bringing militant Islamists into the U.S. from known terrorist countries, arming Iran, creating and arming ISIS, the Arab Spring, turning our back on Israel, a whole list of other ‘progressive’ tyrannies, and the Democrats unbounded disregard for even the common sense sensibilities of normal Americans, put them on the road to ruin.

The real arrogance of the Democrats was the Clinton nomination.  They fixed the primaries to eliminate all but Hillary Clinton, the one candidate that Trump and the GOP could defeat.  This is the woman who ignited the Arab Spring, overthrew many U.S. friendly Middle East governments.  Mrs. Clinton, clearly sold influence through the auspices of the Clinton Foundation, raking in over $2 billion dollars while selling out her country in countless pay-to-play schemes.  Linked inexorably to the Clinton influence peddling is the illegal private email server of Hillary Clinton, which was hacked more often than Shaquille O’Neal.  The purpose, of course, of the private email server was to cover up the felonious activities of Bill, Hillary, and the first family of crime as they sleazed their way to billions. 

Thank God for the arrogance of the Democrats because in the end it frightened America into giving Trump more blue collar votes, more Hispanic votes, more black votes, and more Christian Evangelical votes than the GOP had gotten in more than a decade.  This was the “perfect storm”.  Outrageous leftist policies, the WikiLeaks email dumps, the FBI investigation and reopening of the case, Hillary’s complete lack of transparency and avoidance of the press, and her historic unlikability and untrustworthiness finally did her in.  The obvious benefits are Hillary loses, Trump wins, and the media and the rest of the cadre of American leftists is apoplectic. 

But now is when the real work begins. 

Now it is HHFTTF time.  It is time that we begin Holding His Feet To The Fire.  No, I am not accusing Mr. Trump of being disingenuous but I do understand the nature of politics.  Mr. Trump made a lot of promises during the campaign.  Among other things, he promised to repeal ObamaCare, which has single-handedly kept the economy in the doldrums.   ObamaCare for many Americans is nothing more than a $5,000 a year tax that provides such poor medical care it is very little different than being uninsured.  We need to hold him to his word on ObamaCare.  Despite their mutual dislike, Mr. Trump needs to get together with Senator Ben Sasse and let him help the new administration come up with a health care solution that is nothing like ObamaCare.

Mr. Trump promised to close the border, build the wall, keep “refugees” from militant Islamist countries out, and send packing those who have not been properly vetted.  He and the GOP have both the House and the Senate, which has not happened for a Republican president since 1928.  Let’s make hay while the sun shines. 

Mr. Trump also promised that he would rebuild the infrastructure, end Common Core, and begin changing the culture of America’s inner cities.  He has bitten off a huge mouthful during the campaign, so he will need our support and prayers every day.  Yet, there is one more campaign promise that I believe to be more crucial than all the rest.

Mr. Trump has promised to protect and restore the honor of Christianity in this government.  He has promised pro-life judges on the Supreme Court.  This is his most sacred promise of all.  Both holy writ and history tell us that no nation can shine in the darkness of human sacrifice, even if we euphemistically call it abortion … the weight of the innocent blood of the pre-born will most surely sink the ship of state.  We need Supreme Court judges who will, above all, value human life.  It is a founding principle that life is sacred. 

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life …

Without this promise of life in stone … nothing else matters.  If life is not sacred, nothing else about law is sacred.  So, I pledge to you, that I will from this day forward do all in my power to help Mr. Trump as President of the United States.  I will commit to holding his feet to the fire … but more importantly, I will commit to pray daily and fervently for divine guidance and wisdom for Mr. Trump in this time of violence and chaos here at home and around the world.   I have asked others in my circle to hold me accountable to these promises to this end that America might be brought to sanity and righteousness that we might truly say once more, “God Bless America.”

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