What do they know? Mega-rich preparing for disaster

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In an ominous sign for social stability, it's the mega-wealthy who have become the most enthusiastic "preppers."

The left-wing Daily Beast reports affluent European elites are turning to bodyguards in response to a rash of high-profile street crimes and terrorist attacks.

The rich are also in the vanguard of a new wave of interest in survival shelters and underground bunkers, with ever more elaborate and fortified enclosures being constructed.

About 50 miles northwest of Dallas, an entire survivalist luxury community is being planned that features athletic facilities, a polo field and a clubhouse. It also contains more unusual features such as communal greenhouses, an air-purification system, underground shelters and, according to the Houston Chronicle, a "DNA vault."

The British Daily Mirror also reports an American company is creating $1.5 million "earthship" shelters designed to survive radiation outbreaks or a killer virus.

Widespread media reports as well as independent investigations from groups such as New World Wealth suggest wealthy people around the globe are quietly moving away from major cities because of fears of social instability. Increasing crime, terrorism and rising racial tensions have all been identified as factors driving the exodus. Even the Daily Beast reported the introduction of large numbers of Muslim refugees into Europe has made once prosperous areas fraught with danger, in the opinion of some security experts.

Some of this preparedness has a political context.

The "American Redoubt" movement, described as a "settlement of largely conservative Christians" in the states of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, is drawing increasing notice.

Even some of the members of this grassroots movement are spending huge sums of money, with one 800-square-foot "off the grid" cabin selling for $150,000.

Carl Gallups, a former law enforcement official and pastor, has been urging Christians to prepare for natural disasters and social unrest in his book "Be Thou Prepared: Equipping the Church for Persecution and Times of Trouble." He says the extensive preparations by the rich and powerful should be taken as a warning sign to ordinary people to prepare the best they can.

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"All economic classes of people, using common sense and the resources at hand, can take reasonable and effective measures to provide some acceptable level of self-protection," Gallups told WND. "Of course, this also underscores the necessity for those who have more resources, especially the church, to give serious consideration to meeting the basic survival and protection needs of those who truly cannot provide those essentials themselves. I address some practical solutions about how we can do this both as individuals and as a community in 'Be Thou Prepared.'"

Gallups argues the wealthy and powerful are simply ahead of the curve.

"I think that the rich and elite are becoming increasingly aware of the dangerous and potentially unstable world in which we now reside," he warned. "Massive instances of civil unrest, even in America, are becoming a very real possibility. Internal terror attacks, swelling illegal alien populations, an influx of Islamic refugees, increasing racial discord, ambushing police officers, the rule of law continually being trampled by the political elite and an almost complete collapse of trust in the mainstream media - all of this has led to widespread cynicism and distrust among the population as a whole."

Gallups noted "the rich usually have deeper connections to reliable information and prediction sources, and most of them have the means to take immediate action."

"Many of them are taking measures we might even call extreme. That should indicate to the rest of us, especially the naysayers, that we should take note and take steps to make our own preparations."

Among the most important things people need, Gallups says, are reliable sources of drinking water, food and equipment to survive hazardous conditions.

However, most important, explains Gallups, is the proper mindset and an awareness of threats. Gallups claims the Christian community as a whole is now awakening to this atmosphere of danger and is taking preparedness seriously.

"I think a large portion of the previously slumbering church is beginning to wake up to the reality of the times in which we are living," Gallups said. "Furthermore, I think the nation just got a huge wake-up call from the presidential election of Donald Trump. While admitting that many other faith groups (and even those of no claimed faith) voted for President-elect Trump - we still cannot ignore or deny the fact that tens of millions of evangelical Christians clearly re-engaged in this election cycle. Many analysts believe it was the Christian engagement in that election that pushed Mr. Trump over the top by a commanding margin. Christians are understanding that they are under threat and need to respond. And they are beginning to respond as a group."

Gallups said contemporary Christians "are now living in the most profoundly prophetic days since the first coming of Jesus Christ" in his latest book, "When the Lion Roars." And the pastor says Christians need to be prepared both temporally and spiritually for the events to come.

"A couple dozen biblical warnings and prophecies concerning the days just before the return of the Lord are converging upon the planet for the first time in history, and they are coming like a flood," Gallups said. "Every one of these convergences have occurred since the return of Israel as a nation, less than 70 years ago. Now we are watching national borders collapsing, global terrorism concerns, the Middle East on fire and on the verge of sparking World War III, as well as a demonic deluge sweeping the entire planet.

"And all of this happening against the background of largely hostile, globalist elites who have unparalleled technological advances at their disposal. Regardless of what just happened in the election, God's people would be wise to be prepared spiritually, mentally, physically and logistically. This story in not over yet. It's just beginning," he said.

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