Outrageous: Swastikas Falsely Blamed on Donald Trump and His Supporters

Jake Baker  ·  December 22, 2016  ·  Featured, Media-Entertainment, Elections, Left Wing Ideology, Race, Leftist Bullies

By Dr. Jake Baker- TapWires News Service 

New York (TWNS) Nassau County Police have arrested a suspect in connection with a series of swastikas drawn on the Nassau Community College campus buildings along with KKKs written on a classroom floor.

Accused of defacing property and “aggravated harassment,” Jasskirat Saini was arrested Tuesday by Nassau County Police.  Additionally, multiple swastikas, at least one anti-Jewish message, and the words “Heil Hitler” were discovered on the Nassau Community College campus over the last sixty days. 

The initial media coverage of the drawn swastikas and written KKKs, tied the incident to the Trump rhetoric and hateful Trump supporters. 

The leftist Long Island Press continued in that vein, not so subtly implying the blame lies with Trump and his supporters when they wrote, "Although three of the incidents occurred before Nov. 8, the latest discovery has further troubled minority and Jewish groups amid a surge of hate crimes across the country following the election of Donald Trump."

Robert Solomon, chairman of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Long Island, continued the linkage to Trump and his supporters. “It seems to me that since the election there hasn’t been a day when…I haven’t seen something in the paper,” said Solomon, as he referenced various recent news articles, including one about U.S. Jews struggling with anti-Semitism.

The swastikas were uncovered by the college’s staff on Oct. 15, 28, 29 and Dec. 2, said the third precinct’s Det. Lt. Richard LeBrun, adding that the perpetrator could face one to four years in prison on a Class E felony. On Friday evening police responded to NCC yet again after a student found the words “Germany” and “Heil Hitler” drawn with a black marker inside the men’s bathroom of the “E” building, police said.

ABC’s Channel 7 reports that the swastikas were first found at Nassau Community College on a men's bathroom on Oct. 15 and later that month several more were found. December saw two more incidents of swastika graffiti.  Fortunately for Trump and his supporters, the real perpetrator has been found.  Nassau County Police discovered Saini on Tuesday drawing two swastikas on the exterior of a building and "KKK" on the floor of another, according to Channel 7.

While all were quick to tie Trump and his supporters into the incident, so far there have been no apologies forthcoming from the college, the Long Island Press, or the Jewish Community Relations Council of Long Island. 

TapWires News Service has previously reported on the wave of hate crime hoaxes following Trump's election. A Muslim woman admitted last week to fabricating a hoax that she had been harassed by a group of Trump supporters.

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