Terry Bradshaw: 'We Can't Talk About Jesus' If You Do, You Are 'Kicked Off The Desk'

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By: Dr. Jake Baker - TapWires News Service

Who would believe that mentioning the name of Jesus in America supposedly a "Christian country" would get you fired from your job?  Well, believe it or not, that is what Terry Bradshaw, NFL Commentator and former Pittsburgh Steeler Hall of Fame quarterback, told "Fox and Friends" (Click link to see video).

Bradshaw said people "can't talk about Jesus" and instead we "say I'm religions - because if we say Jesus, you are automatically pigeonholed and kicked off the desk."

During that same appearance, Bradshaw linked NFL players refusing to stand during the National Anthem to the larger problem in the U.S. 

"I do have a problem when people in this country don't respect our flag and national anthem. All you got to do is look around - this country's getting worse and worse and more and more immoral and we're rotting from within," Bradshaw said.

"All great empires die from within. We can't talk about Jesus. We can't mention that anymore. So we say 'I'm religious' - because if we say Jesus, you automatically are pigeon holed and kicked off the desk."

"You can't talk about it," Bradshaw continued. "The two vice presidential guys are going at it and they are both saying what? 'We're religious'. What does that mean - you're religious? Everybody is religious."

And of course, Bradshaw is right.  Mentioning a vague "god" is allowed but it surely is not the same as being a Christian.  But when we, as a society, live in fear of being fired for the mere mention of the Messiah's name, we have a problem.  

Abortion, violence, terrorism, drugs, divorce, crime and the decline of the nation all have one thing in common ... they are directly related to the forced expansion of godlessness by those in power.  There is one thing that made America an exceptional nation – we were a Christian nation. 

Listen to Terry Bradshaw's testimony of how God took control of his life.  He learned that God forgave him.

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