NO PEACE: Islamic Guards Hear Israeli Say "Temple Mount," Take Sickening Action

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The recent United Nations Security Council resolution condemning all Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem as "illegal occupations" did absolutely nothing to make a tense situation better, and in fact likely made things much worse.

Ostensibly intended to further the peace process, the condemnation came just months after a separate U.N. resolution that essentially denied any Jewish or Christian history in East Jerusalem and has only seemed to embolden Muslims who lay claim to all of East Jerusalem, including the sacred sites revered by Jews and Christians.

Case in point is a recent report from Israel of a veteran archaeologist and tour guide who was chastised, harassed and almost kicked out of the Temple Mount area by Islamic guards after he was overheard repeatedly referring to the sacred historical structure as the "Temple Mount" instead of using its Islamic name, Haram al-Sharif, according to the Jewish News Service.

Dr. Gabriel Barkay was explaining the history of the site to a group of American students from the University of California in Los Angeles when he was approached by the Islamic Waqf guards who manage the site, who demanded he cease using the phrase "Temple Mount."

When Barkay persisted in using the Jewish and Christian term instead of the Islamic name, the Waqf guards demanded Barkay accompany them to see some of the Israeli police stationed at the site, demanding the police kick Barkay out for disrespecting their Islamic faith.

The Israeli police officers explained that there were no legal grounds for expelling Barkay, but nevertheless asked him to stop using the phrase that had angered the Islamic guards so much, most likely in the interest of keeping the peace and preventing the episode from escalating.

Barkay returned to his student tourists and completed the tour, referring to the Temple Mount by only the initials "TM" for the remainder of the day, according to a reporter from The Times of Israel who witnessed the incident.

"Everyone was sort of thrown off by the incident," recalled Nima Ostowari, one of the UCLA students, who noted that most of the other members of the group found the actions of the Muslim guards to be a bit "unsettling."

"The man just coming up and saying that we couldn't use the words 'Temple Mount' was, in a way, saying that the Jewish people don't have a connection to the land, which I think borders on problematic," added Ostowari.

Indeed, "problematic" is a bit of an understatement when adherents of one of the world's major religions are told they can't even refer to their holiest site by its actual name.

Sadly, this is not the first time such harassment has happened at the Temple Mount, and such instances will likely only occur more frequently if the anti-Israel resolutions put forward by the U.N. are not withdrawn or countermanded.

In truth, there can be no peace as long as the Muslim side insists on having its own way to the extent of not allowing Jews to use their own terminology at their own holy sites. Surely this is symptomatic of a much deeper problem.

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