Trump's Sworn Enemy, Duplicitous John McCain Kicked Off 'Kremlin Memo' Scandal

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By: Dr. Jake Baker – TapWires News Service

Republican Senator, John McCain, like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar, has admitted that he handed over a ribald dossier on Donald Trump's alleged Russian links and sexually charged behavior to the FBI in December.

The duplicitous McCain sent a representative to meet with a former MI6 British spy in December.  It is not made public how much McCain paid for the materials from the spy, nor apparently was McCain informed that the materials had already been given or sold to James Comey, Obama’s FBI director. Obviously, this spy didn’t let honor or disclosure obligations cloud his desire for cold hard cash from McCain.

McCain, not knowing the FBI already had the materials, handed over the questionable dossier to Director Comey in December.  Unfortunately, for McCain, he faced the embarrassment of proudly handing the FBI what he believed were “explosive” materials that had been in the FBI's possession since August.

The insidious report contained allegations, which if true, show deeply compromising personal and financial information on Trump.  However, missing evidence to support the claims of the dossier makes it, at best, suspect. Senator McCain, who was branded as 'not a war hero because he was captured' by Trump, received the dossier which was clumsily and inaccurately collated by the aforementioned retired British MI6 agent.

McCain, who proudly wears the moniker of “war hero”, was shot down during the Vietnam War, spent five years as a prisoner of war, and refused the option of early release, despite reportedly being routinely beaten.  He did, however, make propaganda recordings for North Vietnam, some of which have been released, such as his “Tokyo Rose” broadcast by the Communist regime in 1969.

Obama’s U.S. Intelligence Community has claimed that Russian spies hacked both the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s server and leaked emails designed to undermine the presidential campaign of Mrs. Clinton.  While all of this is titillating, the truth is Clinton was a bad candidate who was deemed untrustworthy by the U.S. electorate.  Her campaign chairman, John Podesta, suffered the embaressment of having his cozy relationship with the press revealed and Donna Brazile was caught red-handed passing debate questions to Hillary prior to the broadcast event.  And, as concerns her unsecured server, if Russia did not hack the server, they would be the only major power on earth that didn’t.

The information McCain gathered through shady channels seems to be of little real consequence.  The FBI already had the information and apparently didn’t deem it credible or actionable since they didn’t act on it.  Further, the dossier’s damning information—or creative writing—has not been independently verified by any source.  Seems this is nothing more than a “Hail Mary” for the vindictive McCain whose spy world skulking may turn into a lingering embarrassment for the aging Senator before it's finished.

The new materials, which again have not been independently verified, claim that Putin and his Russian officials gathered highly damaging information on Trump, but chose not to release them releasing instead only information damaging to the Clinton campaign through the WikiLeaks website.  There is a problem.  The number of critical errors in the materials dramatically reduces their credibility.  Further, both Russia and Trump deny any such information and WikiLeaks denies that they received any information from Russia, Putin, or any agent of Russia or Putin.

Specifically, Putin and the Kremlin have denied all of the materials containing the salacious allegations, and an angry Trump tweeted: 

Of course, McCain would have us believe that this was not a vendetta but his overpowering patriotism and concern for America that drove him to gather and redistribute the 35 pages of unverified information to Obama’s FBI. One of the materials McCain felt obligated to share with the FBI was an allegation that Mr. Trump hired prostitutes in Moscow to urinate on a bed previously used by the Obamas because he “hated them so much.”  Perhaps, the theory goes, Trump was blind drunk and forgot that his room would be bugged by Russian intelligence.  Only one problem with this … Trump doesn’t drink.  It is completely implausible to believe that Trump would not know his room was bugged and that he was being surveilled.

CNN has reported that Obama was briefed last week on the Dossier and that a two-page summary of the materias was given to Donald Trump following the President’s briefing. Trump has questioned whether or not the Russian intelligence agencies were behind the massive cyber-attack which the Obama Administration completely failed to stop ahead of last November's election.  Trump has also asked why, if Obama had this information about this supposed Russian hack a year ago, he failed to take any meaningful action until after Hillary lost the election. 

Remember too that when it comes to compromise, it was Obama that promised Putin four years ago that he could be “more flexible” after the elections.  It was after the elections that Obama gave Putin a free hand in Syria and the greater Middle East. 

The dossier which McCain passed to FBI Director James Comey was compiled by a former MI6 spy who is of questionable character even though the media are billing him as someone who has “excellent contacts” within Russia.  The dossier is filled with fantastic tales of sex videos with prostitutes at luxury Moscow hotels, offers of lucrative deals and other fanciful stories, supposed to elicit influence over Trump, or perhaps be used as a potential basis for blackmail. 

This MI6 spook had been hired by a firm backing Clinton to conduct 'opposition research' on the Donald Trump. However, the former spy said he was “so alarmed” at some of the information he had uncovered, he felt obligated to pass a copy of his report to the FBI in August, more than two months before the election.  In all likelihood, he charged the FBI for the information as he did McCain.

Russia has aggressively denied the claims, with President Vladimir Putin's spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, telling journalists: "The Kremlin does not have compromising information on Trump."

Peskov also spoke to reporters on a conference call and called the dossier a "fake" and "fiction" which had been dreamt up to further damage US-Russia relations. Peskov went on to call the dossier a "total fake" and "an obvious attempt to harm our bilateral relations."  The Kremlin has repeatedly denied hacking the Democratic National Committee and leaking information to deliberately weaken Hillary Clinton's campaign.

News behemoth CNN was only too happy to open this political can of worms to undermine the Trump presidency by reporting that top US intelligence chiefs briefed Trump on the “explosive” claims during a meeting on alleged Russian interference in the presidential election.  After the CNN report, ultra-left-wing Buzzfeed, unencumbered by journalistic ethics, published the full document which had reportedly been offered to a variety of other news outlets who, still clinging to some vestige of journalistic integrity, declined to publish the story because none of the claims could verified.

Trump was reportedly shown the classified information during a briefing by four of Obama’s hand-selected most senior U.S. spy chiefs, including FBI director James Comey and Muslim CIA director John Brennan. Donald Trump's transition team has repeatedly denied allegations that it had received any help from Moscow.

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