Italian Court Convicts Islamic State Jihadists Plotting Rome Attack

Jake Baker  ·  February 15, 2017  ·  Featured, International, Europe, Foreign Policy, Militant Islam, Middle East, Immigration, Terror, Refugees

By: H.T. Coffee - TapWires News Service

MILAN - With the global threat of terrorism even countries who have been "tolerant" of immigration even immigration from Islamic countries are beginning to have second thoughts as the threat level rises particularly in places of easy access for ISIS terrorists such as Greece or in this case Italy.  

An Italian court has just convicted man and his wife on charges of international terrorism in connection to a ISIS plot to carry out attacks in Rome in 2016. A court in Milan on Tuesday convicted Abderrahim Moutaharrik, and his wife, Salma Bencharki, a Moroccan-born couple, and sentenced them to six years and five years in jail, respectively.


Prosecutors say the Moutaharriks, who had received Italian citizenship, had accepted orders from ISIS to carry out terror attacks in Italy, particularly in Rome, last year. Authorities while characterizing the plot as serious said that their planned attacks were not imminent in April at the time of their arrests.

The Italian court also ruled that they had forfeited their parental rights cancelling their plans to travel to ISIS controlled territory with their two small children.  

The Italian court case stands out against a background of non-prosecution of "terrorists" and violent Islamists across Europe, as many states have adopted dangerous politically correct immigration standards and turned a blind eye to justice visa vi militant or criminal Islamists.


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