Spain Arrests Islamic State Extremists Plotting Jihad

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 By: Jack Hammer - TapWires News Service

With the onslaught of recent Islamic terror attacks across the European continent have begun taking a second look at the potential of terror attacks inside their borders. 

Such is the case in Spain where the Ministry of the Interior has made arrests in two separate incidents of Islamic extremism, bringing the total number of people accused of Islamist jihad links within Spain to 188 since just 2015. 

Authorities said on Monday that they had arrested a Moroccan man, in the Canary Islands, a Spanish Archipelago off the southwestern cost of Morocco.  The 33-year-old is accused of conspiracy to carry out a violent jihadist attack, according to an announcement Tuesday by a spokesman for the ministry.   

The ministry also reported that police found photos of the man and his wife posing with weapons, dressed in ISIS combat attire and emblems.  Also in the picture was their underage son. 

Considered a threat to national security the ministry said that the man and his wife had been under observation for more than five years. 

In a separate incident, a 44-year-old Algerian mas was arrested and is being held in the city of Bilbao, a northeastern industrial port city in Spain.  The suspect is accused of training himself in, and promoting the ideology of al Qaida using the vehicle of social media.  

Authorities said the Algerian had been monitored for some time because of past involvement in providing funding al Qaida and forging identity documents for the terrorist group

Both al Qaida and ISIS have made significant inroads into southern Europe and have proven their ability to work their way north in to Germany and France at will.  Both countries have been victims of violence at the hand of terrorist elements of militant Islam.  Europe has opened the flood-gates to refugees with very little if any vetting and now has a massive exposure to the threat of Islamic violence. 

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