AZ Gov.: Drop Charges Against Man Giving Free Haircuts to Homeless

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By: Craig Bannister

The Arizona Board of Cosmetology is investigating a cosmetology student for providing free barber services to the homeless – but, now, Gov. Doug Ducey is telling them to cut it out.

Juan Carlos Montesdeoca - who was once homeless and whose mother lost her hair – had been giving free haircuts to the homeless. But, then, as Gov. Ducey said, “The heavy hand of government” stepped in to stop him from honoring his mother with his charity, because he was violating a statue declaring it illegal to “practice barbering without a license.”

In a hand-delivered letter to the board, Gov. Ducey says Montesdeoca’s good deed should be praised, not punished (emphasis added):

Board members:

I am writing today in regard to a recent news report that your board is conducting an investigation into an Arizona cosmetology student who is providing free haircuts to the homeless.

In memory of his mother, who lost her own hair, Juan Carlos Montesdeoca says that he is providing these free haircuts “out of the kindness” of his heart. I find his story moving and inspirational. The fact that one of our own citizens is volunteering his time and talents in an effort to help those who need it, is exactly the kind of citizenship we should be encouraging and celebrating.

But, instead, Mr. Montesdeoca finds the heavy hand of government working against him, trying to end his charitable and caring efforts. Mr. Montesdeoca says that the board is working to end his career before it even starts. “They can suspend—even before I even try to get a license, they can say no. That would be very very unfortunate,” he told KOLD 13 in Tucson.

“Very unfortunate” is an understatement. I find this outrageous, and I call on you to end your investigation, save Mr. Montesdeoca the inconvenience of having to travel to Phoenix to appear  before your body, and waive any fees or penalties the cosmetology board is considering against him.

Our job as public servants is to support Arizonans in their efforts to better their own lives—and certainly in their efforts to improve the lives of others.

Any actions by your board on this issue, outside of applauding Mr. Montesdeoca’s efforts, are unnecessary and uncalled for.


Doug Ducey


State of Arizona

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