Trump: 'I didn't come along and divide this country'

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By: Jack Hammer - TapWires News Service

It was a marathon press conference and Trump ended it on a defiant note Thursday.  Respond to press inquiries about mounting political tensions in the country ... he reminded the heavily biased media that he did not start the fire.  

"I didn't come along and divide this country," Trump said. "This country was seriously divided before I got here."

For several months before the inauguration, almost from the beginning of the presidential campaign the left mounted a string of political protests that ranged from a few ugly but civil to violent and very violent.  The ugly often vicious and way too often violent protests have continued since the inauguration.  Any time a Trump supporter or conservative appears anywhere the left is there to threaten them.  This does not bode well for the nation.  At some point the right will respond in kind with equal or greater force. They will only be pushed for so long.  

Hopefully President Trump who obviously inherited a "mess" can clean up.  As he said Thursday "he'll clean it up."

Citing inner cities, education and crime as areas he will focus on, Trump also took time to praise the country's law enforcement officials.

"It's very important to me" to unite the country, Trump said. "But this isn't Donald Trump that divided a nation. We went eight years with President Obama, and we went many years before President Obama. We lived in a divided nation. And I'm gonna try, I will do everything within my power to fix that."

Also, citing the Islamic State's growth in power along with their dramatic and violent expansion earlier in the press conference, as well as other issues Trump once again insisted that with all this unrest and these foreign policy issues left behind by Obama, that he "inherited a mess at home and abroad."

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