Media Charges Trump With America First Patriotism

Jake Baker  ·  May 30, 2017  ·  Featured, Opinion, Foreign Policy, Militant Islam, Obama Regime, Middle East, Immigration, Terror, Left Wing Ideology, Leftist Bullies

By: Dr. Jake Baker - TapWires - News Service

There has been a lot of media nonsense that President Trump’s recent world tour and specifically the European leg, has hurt our heretofore wonderful relationship with Germany.  The media laments his foolish decision not to endorse the Paris Climate Agreement.  They decry his economic patriotism and his anti-globalist stances which have not set well with the Germany pols.  Perhaps it time for a little truth in the matter. 

The German elite political class is all about globalism.  The German people however are divided.  Many are very angry about Merkel’s insane immigration policy that has led to countless sexual assaults and rapes of women and girls in the German population.  Many are outraged at the protests, complaining, cultural problems and violence of the new “immigrants.”  So while the German political class may not like Trump many of the gemeines Volk or common people feel quite differently.

But let’s ask another question about our relationship with Germany.  How good has it been in reality?  They grew very distant during the two Gulf wars.  Then there is the fact that Merkel was outraged when spied upon by the Barack Obama who seems to have spied on the Russians, the Brazilians, the Israelis, the Chinese and roughly 320 million Americans.   In all likelihood he is guilty of illegal and possibly felonious political espionage on the GOP and both Donald Trump and his campaign, and he was sharply rebuked by the FISA court for violating the 4th Amendment rights of America. 

But the media might be right -  it is almost certain that Donald Trump is not at the top of the “A” list for the German elite, all of whom are globalists and blindly following the European socialist to global governance.  If his pushback to that Soros - communist international agenda - causes him to earn the scorn of German and other European leaders then I for one applaud his courage and wisdom to stand alone if necessary, facing the gales of political hot air from the Fabian EU. 

The cold hard reality is this.  If Trump laid 18 Karat eggs every morning the press would slander him for not producing them in 24 karat gold.  Therefore I have absolutely no respect and rather nothing but contempt for the vicious invective and agenda of the leftist media and their evil twins in the Democratic Party whose rallying cry is “Resist.”  But what is it they would have us resist?

The leftist Democrats and their house organ the U.S. media would have you resist …

The U.S. Constitution

Our American Republic

The outcome of the electoral college and the results of our last election

The Rule of Law

Our sovereign borders

Common decency

Freedom of Religion

Free Speech unless you are a spewing leftist. 

So if Mr. Trump’s crimes in office consist of “Resisting the Resistance” I will gladly join him and stand against the insane death-wish of the American left.

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