Charlottesville Protest Turns Violent as State of Emergency Declared

Jake Baker  ·  August 13, 2017  ·  Featured, U.S. News, Crime and justice, Culture

By: Jack Hammer - TapWires News Service

Democratic Governor Terry McAullife has declared a state of emergency in Charlottesville, Virginia after clashes between White Nationalists “Unite The Right” and Antifa counter protesters. 

At around 11:00 a.m. Easter Time, the Governor declared a state of emergency moments before the rally was scheduled to begin at noon Saturday at Emancipation Park in Charlottesville according to a tween sent form the Governor’s twitter account.

With megaphones blaring, police blasted the news that this was an unlawful assembly at twenty minutes before noon and gave a five-minute warning that all participants should leave Emancipation park where hundreds of white nationalists including NeoNazis, and KKK members had gathered to protest the removal of a confederate statue.  They were joined by an equal number of Antifa counter protesters, including leftist clergy, and the often violent Black Lives Matter thugs and the always controversial Princeton professor Cornel West. 

Both the city of Charlottesville and the surrounding Albemarle County had declared a state of emergency according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch. 

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