Is it Armageddon yet?

Jake Baker  ·  September 10, 2017  ·  Prophecy, Christianity, Featured, U.S. News, Weather, Culture


Hmm ... hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, wildfires, North Korea's ICBMs tipped with nukes, and even Hollywood's box office receipts have crashed and burned! Plus if you're of liberal political proclivities, Donald Trump is still president and lots of Americans like looking at Melania in high heels!

Yikes! Could it really be that those dwindling numbers of white, evangelical Christians actually got through to their non-existent God with one of their silly prayers? Well, in a universe that created itself from nothing, as some believe, stranger things could no doubt happen.

That's just the view from America, though. It probably looks very different if you live in, say, North Korea. There are, for example, a lot of Christians living in North Korea. Think about that when you ask God to launch a pre-emptive nuke strike on that nation to save America and its sometimes self-absorbed Christians. Not to mention its godless leftist social warriors. Maybe God will decide he likes the more sincere and surely more persecuted Christians in North Korea? What, then?

Bye-bye, San Fran? Bye-bye, Hollywood? Bye-bye, Sili-Valley? Did you forget that in the Old Testament God frequently used Israel's enemies to humble that nation? They usually did a very good job, too. Think it can't happen here?

What do YOU think? Are the recent severe natural disasters a sign from God? Sound off in today's WND poll.

Morally speaking, which of these two nations has been more repugnant to God by its actions over the last few generations? Which has not only reveled in their sin, but exported it to other nations, even those that didn't want it? Which has destroyed marriage, human sexuality and murdered more of the unborn?

But ... what if God has something else for America to do before the end? I happen to believe that He does. Faith grows in darkness. God sometimes permits that, too. This is one of those times.

Why? It's like those Old West bounty hunter posters: "Wanted Dead or Alive." In this case, America is worth more alive than dead to God. We're a nation He invested greatly in. He intends to have that investment pay off. God doesn't write off his creation. "My Word does not return unto me void."

The LaHaye and Jenkins Armageddon series looked at end times events from earth. My Armageddon Story series looks at an end times earth from heaven. I just finished the draft of volume 4, "Earth's Final Kingdom." The end doesn't come until volume 5, so we're good.

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