NYT Brooks: 'Reaction to Trump Is Part of the Deal' With Changed Attitudes Towards Sexual Misconduct

Jake Baker  ·  November 26, 2017  ·  Featured, Media-Entertainment, Elections

By: Jack Hammer - TapWires News Service

Dateline Friday “PBS NewsHour” far left New York Times propogandist David Brooks cleverly argued that changed attitudes towards sexual harassment and abuse are partially a reaction to the video released of Trump’s locker room dialogue.

His point is that the hysteria caused by the Weinstein case would have had many fewer consequences and ripples had this issue not become front and center. 


Brooks said, “I was wondering, would we — Harvey Weinstein, that probably would have happened. But if Donald Trump were not president, would it have had these massive ripple effects, where it becomes a big national change? And I think the reaction to Trump is part of the deal here.”

“And we’ve talked about Trump maybe polluting our national culture, but it could be the reaction to Trump is also making us hypersensitive and making us want to correct the national culture. And so, you could be a — see a reaction to — the Trump wave, I think, has lowered norms and standards, but a lot of people would say, ‘No, we’re not happy with this, we’re going to raise norms and standards.’ And so, I hope this is part of that larger reestablishment of what is decency.”

So, on the one hand he blames Trump for all the leftists now being exposed in both the media as well as politics but then back handedly compliments him for causing this in the first place by being a scum-bag, while lamenting that the left has been caught.  Schizophrenia?  It takes a special kind of crazy to be a liberal and liberalism … truly is a mental disorder. 

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