Nazis at Der Spiegel just mocked Trump with an absolutely brutal front cover

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By: Greg Evans

The President has been under intense scrutiny since the publication of Michael Wolff's controversial book giving an inside view on his administration, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.  

Ed Note:  The book is complete trash and lies but to Trump haters it is like their demonic scriptures.  

The book detailed several embarrassing stories about the President which The White House has since claimed are not true.

After that, Trump was accused of calling several nations "sh**holes" during a meeting with Senators about immigration.

Despite also denying these comments, protests and criticisms aimed at Trump have come in all forms.

Trump says he also decided to cancel a planned trip to London to open the new US embassy because the new building was in an "off-location". Critics say it was cancelled because his visit would have been marred by peaceful protests.

Now the German publication Der Spiegel has taken aim at the President by depicting him at the lowest end of the spectrum of the "march of progress" illustration, or should we say "march of regression".

The brutal spoof image comes complete with the subtitle "In the age of Fire and Fury" an obvious reference to Wolff's book.

This isn't the first time the Der Spiegel has mocked Trump in such a manner.

In March 2017 they featured a haunting image of Trump on the cover of the magazine but his face had been swapped with that of Vladimir Putin.

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