Chuck Schumer - Still Trying, Still Lying - Needs a good dose of reality.

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By: Dr. Jake Baker - TapWires News Service

Chuck Schumer apparently got hit by a truth bomb somewhere in the middle of the Schumer Shutdown.  On the Tuesday broadcast of the Trump-hating “Rachael Maddow Show” Senate Minority (mis)Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said that Democrats in the Senate came to the view that the shutdown couldn’t continue because both the shutdown and the cause of the so-called DREAMers were quickly losing support admitting that people don’t want a government shut down for DREAMers. 

Let me translate that to plain English.  We were getting our butts kicked.  Even the New York Times blamed me and the Democrats for the shutdown. 

And while Schumer tried to console himself with the idea that he advanced the DREAMer cause, the truth is it brought front and center with the understanding that America doesn’t like special rights for illegal aliens. 

America is somewhat sympathetic to the situation of the DACA people which total about 800,000 illegals but they are not sympathetic to the bulk of the DREAMers which includes 3.6 million illegals in the "DREAMer" category, which Schumer tries to conflate with the smaller subset DACA crowd. 

Schumer also learned that American wants to end chain migration, his visa lottery program and that they want border security and yes Chuck, the wall. 

He continued saying that Democrats don’t control the levers of power and must be strategic in how they push for DACA protection.  But what he didn’t say is that neither do the Republicans control the levers of power.  All budget or continuing resolutions need 60 votes.  The GOP has 52 … oops make that 51 since McConnell gave away the seat in Alabama. That means that the Senate is prone to stalemates.   

Then just when you think that nonsense has reached its full crescendo, and in the height of hubris and hypocrisy, the author of the Schumer Shutdown said that “while President Trump shut the government down, all of us in the Democratic caucus, not just the moderates but the liberals as well came to the view that if we carried it on much longer two things would happen:  A. No one would budge. The public would lose support of the shutdown. The public does not like shutdowns. B. And we’d actually lose support for DREAMers, too. Because people love the DREAMers, but don’t want the government shut down for it. So, we cut the best deal that we could.”

Seems to me that Mr. Schumer needs a very strong dose of reality.  Perhaps with the unfolding scandals of the Obama regime being outed for their conspiracy to overthrow the President of the United States in  a palace coup, and secret societies, the DNC’s many scandals including the weaponizing of government against Donald Trump, which may well lead us to the door steps of both Schumer and Obama along with the Schumer shutdown, Hillary Clinton’s email scandal and her auctioning off our intelligence and Uranium to foreign powers and the Russians coupled with the Wasserman Schultz IT guys selling of state secrets under the very nose of, and perhaps with the help of the congresswoman, the American public will provide Chuck with just the wakeup call he needs. 

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