BOOM! Sen. Tom Cotton Asks FBI Director Wray if Dossier Author Was Employed by Putin-Linked Oligarch - WRAY WON'T ANSWER! (VIDEO)

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By: Jim Hoft

Senator Warner reached out to the lobbyist linked to Deripaska because he wanted to speak with Fusion GPS dossier author Christopher Steele.

Senator Warner communicated with an phone app that DELETES ALL MESSAGES.On Tuesday Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) asked FBI Director Christopher Wray about Oleg Deripaska.

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On Tuesday Senator Tom Cotton asked FBI Director Christopher Wray if Fusion GPS 'reporter' was working for Russian oligarch Oleg Derispaska.
Director Wray would not answer in the open hearing.

Sen. Tom Cotton: Mr. Wray are you aware of a gentleman by the name of Oleg Derispaska?

FBI Chief Christopher Wray: I've heard the name.

Cotton: Is it fair to call him a Putin-linked Russian oligarch.

Wray: Well I'll leave that characterization to others and certainly not in this setting.

Cotton: Chuck Grassley the chairman of the Judiciary Committee last week sent a letter to a London based lawyer who represents Derispaska and asked if Mr Steele was employed either directly or indirectly by Oleg Derispaska at the time he was running the Steele dossier. Do you know if Christopher Steele worked for Oleg Derispaska?

Wray: That's not something I can answer.

Cotton: Could we discuss it in a classified setting?:

Wray: There might be more we can say there.

Cotton: Thank you.

Video by Nick Short:

Here is more on Steele's links to Derispaksa.

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