Just In: Professor Targeted By Antifa Found Dead In Home - Suspicious?

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Antifa was a relatively unknown organization for many years in the United States. Every so often they'd emerge and start a riot at a G8 or G20 meeting, but for the most part, Americans never encountered them.

In recent years, they've been extremely visible, however, showing up at college campuses, political rallies, and more, often leaving violence in their wake. They've also taken to threatening people they don't like, like Richard Morrisett, threatening him in person, online, and more. But were they responsible for the death of Richard Morrisett?

Antifa, operating under the name ' Revolutionary Student Front,' began to target Richard Morrisett due to a 2016 off-campus incident involving Morrisett and his girlfriend.

Morrisett, a professor at the University of Texas, pleaded guilty to a domestic violence incident in 2016, and Antifa decided that they should target him for it.

This week, Morrisett was found dead in his Texas home, at the age of 57. At this point, Travis County Sheriff's deputies still have not confirmed the cause of his death.

However, throughout 2018, Antifa threatened Morrisett numerous times. They defaced the door of the pharmacy professor's lab with messages meant to menace and threaten him, such as "get out Morrisett or else" and "watch your back Richard."

They also vandalized the door of the lab with graffiti with communist iconography, a common theme of ' Antifascist ' groups.

This isn't the first time that the Revolutionary Student Front - Austin, which operates out of the University of Texas in Austin, was identified as being a violent far-left radical organization.

They earned press attention recently when they held a 'self-defense' meeting on campus. Their definition of 'self-defense,' unlike most self-defense classes held on college campuses, has less to do with protecting themselves from unwanted sexual advances, and more to do with fighting with law enforcement officials.

In fact, they even tweeted about killing law enforcement.

In April, they posted a 13,000-word 'manifesto' that they call the 'Revolutionary Mental Health Program (RMHP),' which is essentially a discussion about their group what it stands for, and what's wrong with it.

Within the manifesto, they discuss their plan to actively recruit students at UT-Austin and elsewhere who have mental health issues. They hope to radicalize such students and make them into "active fighters."

In fact, the manifesto makes it fairly clear that the 'Revolutionary Student Front' is inspired, at least in part, by the ideology of the Socialist Patient's Collective (SPK). This group, in a shockingly unscientific and absurd claim, suggest that mental illness is entirely a symptom of capitalism, and that because of this, the mentally ill are some of the best people to radicalize against capitalism.

It's hard to see how mental illness could be a result of 'capitalism,' as SPK claimed in 1970. Perhaps they were referencing the fact that most Marxist nations didn't care for their mentally ill in any way, and some outright targeted them for mistreatment.

Part of their mental health manifesto even suggests that the people in charge of the RSF UT-Austin have been diagnosed with various mental illnesses.

Further, the document is peppered with references painting various communist dictators and military leaders as glorious and good people (a suggestion that flies directly in the face of history). The document essentially glorifies anyone who 'fought' for a 'classless society,' yet another erroneous belief concerning Marxism and Communism, neither of which ever achieved a classless society.

This 13,000-word manifesto, written by people who suggest that they are mentally ill, ends with a hard-to-ignore call to violence.

In their own words, the RSF UT-Austin says "we will make no apologies for the necessary violence of our struggle" because they are college revolutionaries who are dedicated to violence to undermine the capitalist structure that made their parents rich enough to send them to an expensive four-year-long daycare center where they can play revolutionary.

It's strange how often college revolutionaries propose violence, and UT-Austin's are no exception. Many of these students consider 'harsh words' to be violence, so it seems silly that they would talk about real violence.

At this point, there's no evidence that they had anything to do with the death of the professor they spent much of the first semester of the school year threatening. However, it's interesting that UT-Austin did nothing to the Antifa group operating on their campus, but threatened to penalize professors for their conduct off-campus, even if they didn't violate school rules.

Antifa is a violent organization and has been for decades. The fact is that many leftists in academia are fine with their violence and threats, because they agree with their leftist viewpoint, is perhaps why such groups are free to threaten who they will, whether it's on the campus of UC Berkeley or UT-Austin.

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