Kroger Announces 11,000 New Jobs, Increased Wages, Education Benefits Thanks to TRUMP Tax Cuts

Jake Baker  ·  April 18, 2018  ·  Featured, Elections, Left Wing Ideology, Leftist Bullies, Domestic Policy, U.S. News, Economy, Culture

Dr. Jake Baker  - TapWires News Service

They are at it again.  Democrats want to raise your taxes.   But actions have consequences.   Here is what happens when you cut taxes, kill strangling regulations and allow America and American employers to breath.  

Kroger CEO Rodney McMullen appearing on CNBC Monday morning announced that the Trump tax cuts have allow his company to raise wages and invest more in its employees.  

But minority leader Pelosi and whip Stenny Hoyer promised that they are going to impeach Donald Trump and raise your taxes if and when they take over the Congress. How this party which has been failing minorities, union workers, and anybody with a job stays in business I have no idea. 

Unemployment is down, jobs are up, wages are up, the economy is growing, the world respects us again and our borders are slowly being secured with the result that both black and Latino unemployment is at record low levels.  But Democrats are promising to undo all of that and end employers making statements like this.     

For the record... Every Democrat voted NO to the Trump tax cuts.

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