Lt. Gen. McInerney Rebukes John McCain on Torture: It Worked on John. That’s Why They Called Him “Songbird John” (VIDEO)

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By: H.T. Coffee – TapWires News Service

Some might feel obliged to give vicious Senator John McCain a pass knowing he is a dying man. But for Lt. Gen. McInerney who joined Charles Payne today on FOX Business Network to discuss the confirmation hearing of Gina Haspel, that was not about to happen.  Seeems the truth is more important to the General than political correctness.  McInerney called it as he saw it reminding McCain that his "skirts" are far from clean.

Several senators, including the Trump-hating John McCain, have condemned Gina Haspel for her role in the waterboarding of 3 Islamist killers. John Brennan her predecessor also was involved in the program after the 9-11 attacks. The "enhanced interrogation" techniques have sense been outlawed by Congress, but was never protested even by the likes of Nancy Pelosi who actually knew about the enhanced interrogation program before Haspel.  

Apparently General McInerney, who understands that McCain’s harsh criticism of Haspel is not about the CIA Director nominee, it is about his hatred for Donald Trump, was called out by Lt. Gen. McInerney in brutal honesty.  The General lashed out at John McCain for his hypocritical opposition to the techniques.

Well, she can’t use it anymore because it’s determined by Congress that it’s not legal. The fact is John McCain ... it worked on John. That’s why they call him songbird John.

Does Raccoon have a point?  I don't think the general takes umbrage to the fact that some oppose water-boarding, rather the general's complaint is McCain's dubious morality.   He supported Brennan, Haspel's boss but condemns Haspel for not protesting official government policy.  Yet he didn't complain at the time that congress was informed about the interrogation techniques or at Brennan’s confirmation. 

And as for the comment made by Red T Racoon what utter nonsense.  I've never fallen out of a plane, but I can of a certainty, comment on it.   That type of reasoning, is the lame cover behind which a weak argument always seeks refuge.  

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