Rep Darrell Issa: FBI and DOJ are "Lying Through Their Teeth" to Congress and Lied to Spy on Trump (VIDEO)

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By: H. T. Coffee - TapWires News Service

Joining Maria Bartiromo on Fox News, Sunday Morning Futures, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) took to the airwaves and went on the attack early on Mothers Day. 

Host Bartiromo and guest ISSA discussed the latest and certainly breathtaking developments in the embed of a mole in the Trump camp which was a result of the illegal targeting and subsequent spying on the Trump campaign. 

Maria Bartiromo Asked: Do you believe you are getting honest answers from the FBI and DOJ?

Rep. Darrell Issa: No, I think they're lying though their teeth... It is very clear that we are being asked to trust the Department of Justice who we know did in fact use a law that allows them to spy but lied to get the warrants, lied to a federal judge under the FISA act. So this is one of the challenges. Make no bones about it. A FISA warrant is in fact a license to spy.

Now the question is did you lie, cheat or steal in order to do that and very clearly with the information presented behind closed doors to the federal judge the fact is they did mislead the judge to get a warrant multiple ability to spy and now we're asked to believe that you can trust the very people, not the management for a moment, but the very people who know this and are covering it up.

Via Sunday Morning Futures:

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