Seriously? Anti-Trumper Ben Shapiro on Trump-Kim Summit: "The Paper That Was Signed Yesterday Is Weak" (Video)

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By:  Jim Hoft

Why is it that the #NeverTrump crowd can never celebrate President Trump's historic achievements?
Trump has had the most successful first 500 days in presidential history.

And on the world stage President Trump is putting American interests first - something we have not seen in decades.

After President Trump's historic summit meeting wtih Kim Jong Un Ben Shapiro went on FOX and Friends and threw water on the fire.

Ben told the morning crew, "The president's praise for the dictator of North Korea was disquieting... The paper that was signed yesterday was weak."

Ben, who is a favorite of the DC establishment, then went on slam the Trump administration for putting US flags next to the North Korean flags.

So what is the difference between Ben Shapiro and what you would hear on MSNBC or CNN this morning?

How awful.

Ben Shapiro also hit President Trump on Twitter.

Ed Note:   Shapiro says imagine that was the Nazi flag next to ours.  Well imagine Ben if those two flags together in negotiations would have prevented World War II and the death of 50 million people not to mention the murder of 6 million Jews.  Would it have been worth it then?  Your hatred for Trump has overwhelmed your ability to think logically.   

On point.

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