Rep. Matt Gaetz: We Need to Impeach Rod Rosenstein! If We Don't Defend Our Institution Then What Good Is Congress?

Jake Baker  ·  June 14, 2018  ·  Featured, Politics, Elections, Obama Regime, Terror, Left Wing Ideology, Leftist Bullies

By: Dr. Jake Baker - TapWires News Service

Freedom Caucus stalwarts Ron DeSantis, Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz made an angry appearance on Fox News’ Hannity Wednesday night.  Their well-aimed rage was at the shocking and illegal behavior of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein who unimaginably threatened House Intelligence members and their staff with the threat of unleashing the power of the Department of Justice on them if they did not back off their investigation of stonewalling and obstruction by the Rosenstein and the DOJ.  

Prior to their appearance Rep Devin Nunes (R-CA) told Hannity that Rosenstein threatened three staffers in his presence and he suspects several more were threatened.  He also explained that Rosenstein has thrown not only staffers out of their “briefings” but has also thrown other members of the Intel Committee out of the briefings.   Now the only invitees are the establishment’s Paul Ryan and committee chairman Devin Nunes.   That of course sets up a he said – he said situation when it comes to what is being disclosed in meetings. 

Rep. Matt Gaetz demanded that Congress impeach Rosenstein for both the illegal threats and for his continued obstruction under the cover of national security.  In reality many believe that the documents he is hiding are clear evidence of a plot to overthrow a sitting president and perhaps evidence that Rosenstein himself was involved.  

Matt Gaetz:

Sean Rod Rosenstein is intractably conflicted in this investigation. And as brave patriots like Kash Patel work hard for the Congress to expose the corruption and the bias then they're threatened by Rod Rosenstein?

This is outrageous. Kash Patel was in my office concerned for the fact that he as a staff member was doing his job and then somehow had a different branch of government bringing these threats upon him...

Look, I'm sick and tired of Rod Rosenstein's games. I think we need to impeach Rosenstein. He won't turn over documents. He signed a FISA renewal against the President of the United States. And frankly if we don't step up and defend our institution then what good is the Congress anyway?

Via Hannity:

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