Walmart Faces Boycott After Outcry Over "Impeach 45" T-Shirts and Baby Onesies

Jake Baker  ·  July 04, 2018  ·  Featured, Elections, Foreign Policy, Left Wing Ideology, Leftist Bullies, U.S. News, Culture

By: Jim Hoft

Walmart is facing a possible boycott by conservatives after it was discovered they are carrying "Impeach 45" T-shirts and baby clothing.

FOX News reported:

Walmart has found itself on the receiving end of a torrent of outrage after it was discovered Monday that the superstore was selling anti-Trump "Impeach 45" apparel on its website.

The outcry sparked a #BoycottWalmart trend on Twitter as users expressed their distaste for the chain promoting the impeachment of President Trump, echoing some Congressional Democrats.

Ryan Fournier, chairman of the group Students for Trump, was one of the first to discover Walmart was selling the clothing item, according to the International Business Times. He asked the company in a tweet, "What kind of message are you trying to send?"

Walmart is also carrying "Impeach 45" baby onesies.

"Impeach 45" is a rallying cry on the left made famous by Democrat leader Maxine Waters.

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