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By: Dr. Jake Baker - TapWires News Service

I have never been a fan of Fox News resident swamp guy Howard Kurtz and I am less so today after his outrageous endorsement of conservative censorship by tech giants like Facebook, Youtube, and the rest of the leftist run social media behemoths.  

This time the tech giants supposedly succumbed to pressure from the public to ban Alex Jones and his site “Infowars” from their pages.  In reality they have been planning this move for sometime and didn’t succumb to the pressure from the public but from the pressure brought on them by their own fellow travelers in the leftist media and the Democratic party.  Here’s what swampy Howard Kurts said in an opinion piece this morning. 

“After years of deflection and foot-dragging, the major tech companies are finally having to take steps toward policing their own content.

“They have reached this point kicking and screaming, under great public pressure, after clinging for years to the fiction that they are just public utilities and that people can use their pipes for pretty much anything.

But now they have united, for a brief moment at least, against a major conspiracy theorist.”

Kurtz praises the social media inquisitors for their brave move to start policing their own content, kicking and screaming but finally bravely removing Alex Jones from their pages.  

Of course Kurtz and the media giants forgot a few of the other conspiracy websites that are prominent on their pages.  How about sites that have been pushing the most outrageous conspiracy theories in history without a shred of evidence.  Those offenders make Infowars seem insignificant in the conspiracy world. 

Of course, I am referring to ABC, NBC-MSNBC, CNN, CBS, Politico, The Daily Beast, and countless others sites which have been pushing the Russian conspiracy theory for years without one shred of evidence.   Nothing – zero proof of their allegations yet they continue daily with unfounded conspiracy theories and baseless charges.  As Chairman Nunes said, he knows there is not a scintilla of evidence of Trump Russia collusion because if there was Adam Schiff would have leaked it by now.

By their actions these social media sites are allowing even promoting the ongoing attempted treasonous overthrow of a sitting president.  They are every bit as guilty as were those who “collaborated” with the Nazis during World War II.  But stunningly, Howard thinks their actions are brave and noble.   He would have fit right in with the traitors in the Vachi Government of France.

Kurtz continues: “They are deathly afraid of being accused of political bias, sometimes for good reason. Both Facebook and Twitter have both grappled with incidents of discrimination against conservatives, which may have made them gun-shy about banning (as opposed to shadow-banning) some folks.”

Poor Howard, just drove a stake through the heart of his already ailing credibility when he says they are deathly afraid of being accused of political bias.  What utter nonsense   They have been shadow banning conservatives for years.  They are using their sites to promote liberals and censor – no that’s too soft a word – kill conservative thought and politicians on the internet.  This is not a bold step finally taken.  This is an organized conspiracy to kill conservative thought just before the midterm elections giving conservatives no time to come with a remedy before the votes are cast.   

As a result of their devious algorithms, conservative websites have seen a drop of more than 90% of their traffic.  And Kurtz has the temerity to say that they are afraid of being labeled politically biased. They have become little more than the house organ of the Democrat Socialists Party in America known as the DNC.

Kurts propagandizes on saying, “Facebook said it has taken down some Jones pages "for glorifying violence, which violates our graphic violence policy, and using dehumanizing language to describe people who are transgender, Muslims and immigrants, which violates our hate speech policies."

Of course, they still have hundreds of militant Islamic sites promoting jihad against the United States and Christians world-wide.  They show graphic murders, torture, even bomb making.  Media giants allow Sarah Jeong to write “f**k white people”, and “cancel white people,” with no consequences   The pages of Antifa United, Antifa+ and many other leftist domestic terror groups still grace their pages, but thank God they got rid of Alex Jones.  

Kurtz droned on with his establishment apologetic quoting, “Apple said it removed the "Alex Jones Show" and other podcasts from iTunes and its podcast app. The company said it "does not tolerate hate speech, and we have clear guidelines that creators and developers must follow to ensure we provide a safe environment for all of our users."

Google’s YouTube dropped the ax on Jones' channel, telling The Washington Post that it terminates users who violate "our policies against hate speech and harassment or our terms prohibiting circumvention of our enforcement measures." 

But abortion sites promoting the murder of the unborn can be reported a million times and nothing happens to them.  But let a prolife site show what an abortion does, and they are banned. 

Additionally, the social media giants have no problem with publishing nonsense from Neo-Nazis and Holocaust deniers. They publish provable lies in denying the deaths of millions of Jews and Christians in countries conquered by Hitler and his Third Reich. But somehow in their minds that’s allowable?   Somehow by what must be just a strange coincidence on the same day, at the same time Jones, who is admittedly bombastic and even fringe at times, is banned by all of these social media giants simultaneously.  What is it we call that … Oh yes … collusion.

Kurtz accuses Jones of spreading propaganda in the Pizza-gate story.  Yet those pushing the phony Russia Gate nonsense are applauded by Kurtz as real journalists doing their job. 

Kurts then argues; I know Jones has a lot of fans—remember the controversy swirling around his interview with Megyn Kelly—but he's also a guy being sued by Sandy Hook parents for saying that the horrible massacre at that Connecticut school was a hoax.  Yet Facebook has no problem with allowing pages for those who claim that 911 was an inside job by the Jews.  This is blatant anti-Semitism without a shred of evidence.      

Kurts points out that Jones: “In response to the ban Jones texted the Post that being banned by the tech companies was ‘a counter-strike against the global awakening.’”

“We've seen a giant yellow journalism campaign with thousands and thousands of articles for weeks, for months misrepresenting what I've said and done to set the precedent to de-platform me before Big Tech and the Democratic Party as well as some Republican establishment types move against the First Amendment in this country as we know it," he said.

Kurtz may see him as fringe but if freedom of speech is denied for one of us it is denied for all of us.  But you may say that these are private sites and they are allowed to set their own standards.  That would be true except for one small detail which makes what they are doing illegal under a plethora of laws, which we will discuss shortly.

Kurts points out that: “Separately, Jones called The New York Times a "globalist intelligence agency" and said that the "evil, wicked sociopaths" who work for major media outlets were teaming up to take down Infowars.”

This is no small matter.  Banning Alex Jones is not the problem it is a symptom of the problem and it has the potential to destroy the United States.  No, I am not being mellow dramatic. I am deadly serious, and here’s why. 

While Kurtz fails to mention it, Facebook, Twitter and many other social media giants are banning all conservative websites not just “fringe” Alex Jones.  They are banning conservative politicians campaign ads.  They are banning conservative arguments against attacks on their pages which leaves the scurrilous accusations by the vicious leftist on those pages unanswered, making it appear that those charges are true. 

The accounts of members of the United States congress such as Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows, Ron DeSantis and many other have been blocked by shadow banning.   Twitter was caught erasing likes on the Trump account repeatedly with video evidence to prove it. 

The mainstream media has been in the tank for globalists, leftists, and the Democrats who have morphed into the Democratic Socialists Party, but they could not stop the voices of conservatives who have effectively used talk radio and social media as a foil against the leftist propaganda spouted across the airwaves.  But now in an organized coup social media has been eliminated for conservatives.   Their voice has been silenced … in what I believe is an illegal and even treasonous move.  Here’s why.

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other social media are engaged in both commerce and politics.  They push political ads, political content, election information and scores of sites for pols running for offices across the country.  As such under federal FEC law they are not allowed to discriminate against either major political party or politicians, even those they loath, ie Christians and conservatives.  This is a clear violation of FEC regulations and because it appears that this is an organized conspiracy to silence one political party and one stream of political thought namely Republicans and conservatives, it may well fall under the RICO statutes.  

Therefore, I believe that several steps must be taken.  First, tune out Howard Kurtz.  He is proven he is not just wrong headed but that he is also just another swamp dweller posing as a media analyst working for Fox as it continues its slide left.   

Second, we must begin bringing FEC complaints against social media giants.  There need to be hundreds perhaps even thousands of them in county, state and federal courts.   If they want a war we need to give them one.  Let’s find out how well they can fight a thousand FEC complaints and simultaneous lawsuits across the country.   While we are at we need to launch thousands of civil suits against these social media elites for the damage to our political system, our states and our businesses as a result of their illegal election practices and their provable conspiracy to silence conservatives.

Finally, we need to build our own platform that gives tens of millions of Americans who need a voice a place to go.  We need a platform that provides the same services as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and other social media along with a robust news and digital news platform.  

We need to enroll tens of millions of conservatives on the site which will generate the same billions in funds the left enjoys, that can be shared by all who bring their groups to the site.  

Imagine finally having the power to produce movies, investigate crooked judges and politicians.  Imagine having the funding to do investigative reporting on Benghazi on our own, the border crisis as never before seen, spy-gate, and crooks like James Comey, James Clapper, John Brennan and the list could go on almost endlessly. 

And this must be an effort taken on by many organizations not just a billionaire or two.  If the power rests in the hands of one billionaire we face the possibility that at some point they will sellout or turn the reigns over to some small group infiltrated by the globalist establishment.   It is time to heed the old adage, “We must all hang together, or we will certainly hang separately.”

The pressure is mounting.  If there is a blue tide this fall we are in trouble.  If we do not have our own voice, we may well see President Trump impeached, and the left’s treasonous coup completed.  Can you imagine what would happen if half the nation were to rise up against the tyranny of the left should they impeach a sitting president for no other reason than they hate him.  It might well bring about the end of the country in a bloody fiery unthinkable civil war.

Words matter folks.  Howard Kurtz’s betrayal of our American values because he doesn’t like what Alex Jones says is the root of the problem.  Swamp dwellers like Kurtz and his fellow travelers in the GOP establishment and the establishment left have forgotten that freedom of speech is not freedom of speech of only some have it. 

Kurtz has in one fell swoop has betrayed himself and his media buddies by saying that the 1fst Amendment only applies to speech he approves, he has betrayed his nation by denying one of the basic tenets of our American liberty, and he has betrayed all of us, you, me and the entire country by collaborating with those who would silence us just as every other oligarchy from Hitler to Putin’s Pravda have silenced their opponents. 

But Howard – still stuck in ignorance and arrogance and betrayal, happily reports that from his perspective loud mouth, conspiratorial, Alex Jones has finally been banned from social media.    

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