Sara Rips Mueller Witch Hunt: "No Collusion, No Crime" - There's A Way To Make It End ...

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By: Dr. Jake Baker - TapWires - News Media

On Tuesday Sarah Carter joined the Sean Hannity Program and ripped corrupt cop Robert Mueller.   Both Carter and Hannity called for the appointment of a second special counsel. Both agreed that there was no collusion, no crime and the witch-hunt must end.   The question is always ... how to make it end.   

The obvious ploy in the Mueller lynching of Michael Cohen was to get him to plead guilty to non-crimes which implicate Trump in the commission of the non-crimes.  This is a massive – targeted – anti-Trump public relations disinformation operation.  

Here’s the problem.   Sessions is either a pant-wetting coward, compromised by damaging information and willing to well out the country to protect his own name or he is a trojan horse planted in the campaign from the beginning.   Be that as it may Mueller must be stopped. 

There are three possible avenues of attack.  First there is the frontal assault of firing Sessions and appointing a new Attorney General.  That would remove Rosenstein and place a new Attorney General in charge of the out of control Mueller witch-hunt.  That would be held up in congress forever with howls for impeachment by Democrats.  

Second there would be a slightly less frontal attack of the releasing all documents on the FBI, DOJ Corruption and letting the sunshine in on the absolute corruption of everything the FBI and DOJ have done including the FISA Warrants especially the fourth which was signed by Rosenstein.   Perhaps enough pressure could be brought to force him to recuse himself.  That however is doubtful because of the blocking that Sessions would undoubtedly do. 

Finally, there is the third and I believe the most viable option.  Knowing that both Rosenstein and Mueller were involved in the corrupt Uranium One deal and the racketeering, bribery, murder and pay to play schemes surrounding that treason, both Mueller and Rosenstein could be hauled before a grand jury by a U.S. Attorney, not the DOJ and indicted which would force then to both recuse themselves from the investigation and step down from their positions awaiting criminal trial.   That would then clear the way for Trump to fire Sessions for gross negligence and replace him with an AG that would seek to serve justice.  

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