New GOP Ad Unloads on Dem Party's Violentce, Attacks, and Threats Including Rape and Murder

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By: Dr. Jake Baker - TapWires News Service 

With Democrats using violence against Republicans all across the country the GOP is finally saying, “enough.”

Within the last several months we have seen assassination attempts on GOP congressmen, Republican candidates and congressmen assaulted, one with a switch blade, others have been subjected to physical violence, mob scare tactics, campaign workers have been chased and threatened, a female campaign chairman physically assaulted and threatened, countless death threats, suspicious white powder including actual Ricin being delivered to homes and offices. 

We have seen more threats of rape and murder than can be counted and the common factor in all of these is the psychosis of the Democratic mob lead and encouraged by high ranking Democratic operatives and even sitting elected officials.  

Where is all of this going?  Probably, this will not end well.  In all likelihood this will lead to more serious injury like that suffered by Steve Scalise or worse murder(s).

This is the year of violence.  Democrats aren’t running on a platform.  They are not running on ideas or bold thinking.  They have resorted to the lowest form of politics – violent Brownshirt tactics.  They have no ideas, no policies, no soaring economic goals or moral restoration …  just threats, harassment, physical violence, attempted murder and vandalism. 

Violence takes surprisingly little imagination.  Policy has been replaced with thuggery, and reason with rage.  A platform, a reasoned approach to our future, requires thinking, planning and hard work.  Violence is easy - like handing whiskey and a rope to an angry mob then just sit back and wait for the noose to be thrown over the tree. 

Republicans have finally had enough, and their latest midterm ad highlights the ever-increasing violence of the Democratic mob pretending to be a political party.  

Unfortunately, this ad portrays only a few of the heinous and violent attacks on GOP lawmakers and conservatives in recent months by everyone from ANTIFA and Black lives matter to Democrat staffers and even politicians. 

Unfortunately, the GOP has been forced into this move by the Dems who have patently refused to denounce or in any way try to stop the violence, and in fact seem anxious to continually stoke the fires of rage and violence.  

Just this weekend Democrats harassed and threatened Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell and his wife Elaine Chou again this time while they were eating at a diner with one man pounding on the table and throwing McConnell’s food out the door.  

Democrats need to call off their thugs before someone gets seriously hurt or killed … but will they?  Not a chance.  They want the violence, they want the rage.  They vowed that they would make the country ungovernable.  Their real goal isn’t to end Trump, it is to end America. 

So, when you step into that voting booth ask yourself this, “Am I really willing to reward mob violence and Brownshirt tactics as a political tool.”  The choice is yours – do you want mobs or jobs?

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