Predictably Joe Biden Blames President Trump for Giving Hatred a “Safe Harbor” after Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting

Jake Baker  ·  October 28, 2018  ·  Featured, Opinion, Elections, Foreign Policy, Obama Regime, Immigration, Constitution, Left Wing Ideology, Leftist Bullies

By: Dr. Jake Baker - TapWires News Service

The left’s propaganda machine has been fired up and well-oiled for their psychotic attacks on President Donald Trump.  These certifiable loons have now managed to take the Saturday morning actions of a Trump-hating Nazi - Robert Bowers  who walked into the Pittsburgh Tree of Life synagogue and opened fire and assign the blame for these murderous acts on Donald Trump who is the most pro-Israel president in decades .

The shooter a 46-year-old anti-Semitic leftist was according to news reports wearing a green jacket, a blue shirt, and blue jeans, as if anyone cares what this spawn of Satan was wearing.

The shooter was screaming, "All Jews must die!"

Of course, the passage from John 8:44 is not about Jews but about liars and hypocrites who claim righteousness, but their lives betray them and their hate-filled hearts, breathing out threats against those with whom they disagree.  These hypocrites had hearts filled with malice … rage and murder lurked within them just below the surface of their self-righteous veneer.  

This man, Robert Bowers hates President Trump and believes Trump is controlled by evil Jews.  This is classic leftist Nazi thinking.  These people are not conservatives they are Nazis.   National socialist Democrats. 

Bowers had a page on which is a social media site where “free speech” is not censored and people, even disgusting white supremacists are allowed to speak their warped thoughts and expose their warped hearts.  Somewhere between the anti-conservative mainstream social media and the “say anything you want sites,” there should be a common-sense approach to stopping speech that crosses a line. 

I can hear the cries of censorship.  But remember, while government is not allowed to infringe the First Amendment or invoke censorship, as a site owner I can do what I want with my site and would not let such speech be presented as acceptable or normal thought. 

But do I blame Gab for not censoring him?  Are they in some way responsible for his actions? No.  Gab did not use their site to promote what Robert Bower said or what he later did as is the case with the mainstream media.  Unfortunately, the hate speech of the left is being used to fire up the lunatic base of the Democratic party as witnessed by so many violent events carried out by leftists all across the country.  

So I ask again, is Gab culpable in this race-based murder?  In a word, no.  Remember their decision not to censor even this horrible man and his hateful ideology is there choice – that too is part of the First Amendment.  Here is Bower's archived Gab page.

Reading the posts from the suspected Pittsburgh shooter Robert Bowers, it is easy to determine that he hated Trump and his delusional mind had convinced him that Trump was "controlled by evil Jews." This leftist Trump-hating monster is an unhinged anti-Semitic terrorist.  He is a monster who deserves do be put to death like any mad dog.

In the immediate after-math of this heinous mass shooting where 11 human beings, 11 people whose crime was being Jewish, were killed in cold blood, the hyper-partisan former Vice President Joe Biden released a statement blaming President Trump for giving a "safe harbor" to hatred.

Here is his loathsome statement.

But to the American left, to power-hungry hate mongers like Joe Biden and his fellow travelers, it didn't matter that this killer openly cursed President Trump – it didn’t matter that he was a leftist Nazi – the truth has no ameliorating effect on their lust for authoritarian rule and their hatred of America and our historic values.  Biden was still going to attack Trump after the horrible act of evil because Trump is an existential threat to their quest to take down America in their frenzied demonic push for global governance. 

This is well beyond disgusting.  It is a revelation into the dark treasonous heart of the American left who will stop at nothing to destroy Donald Trump because he has set his heart and mind on the restoration of the United States of America which is alreadying destroying their global agenda.

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