Steve Scalise Calls Out Lying Don Lemon over Left-Wing Political Violence

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By: Justin Caruso   

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) called out CNN's Don Lemon Tuesday as the anchor downplayed left-wing political violence.

Steve Scalise simply posted the "eyes" emoji and linked to a story from National Review about Don Lemon saying he doesn't "see Democrats" killing people over politics.

On his Monday primetime broadcast, Lemon said, "The right-wing group killed the woman in Charlottesville. This guy is a right-winger who killed the people in the synagogue. The right-winger sent bombs to CNN and to Democrats. I don't see Democrats killing people because of political - yeah, there may be democratic operatives who are out there."

He also said that political violence was "for the most part" committed by "extreme right-wingers."

Scalise himself was, of course, a victim of a shooting last year by a left-wing Bernie Sanders supporter, James Hodgkinson.

The shooter who stormed a GOP baseball practice and shot Scalise was yelling about health care and had a list of Republicans in his pocket that he wanted to target, according to Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), who was at the field what it was targeted.

"I was there at the ballfield when Steven Scalise almost died from a very, very angry, violent man who was incited, really, by rhetoric on the left," Paul said earlier this month.

"And this hasn't been reported enough: When he came on to the ball field with a semiautomatic weapon, firing probably close to 200 shots at us, shooting five people and almost killing Steve Scalise, he was yelling, 'This is for health care!' He also had a list of conservative legislators-Republicans-in his pocket, that he was going to kill," the Kentucky senator also said.

CNN's Lemon has previously defended the Antifa harassment of Republican Ted Cruz, saying last month, "In a way, I think it goes with the territory. I don't like that they were blocking his wife, but, that's what he signed up for.

"And as a strict Constitutionalist, which Ted Cruz is, he knows that it's protected under the First Amendment. Again, I don't like it, I wouldn't want it to happen to me, I don't like it happening to his wife. But he... that's what he signed up for. That's part of the deal."

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