VIDEO: University of Wisconsin Hands Out Voter ID's to Foreign Nationals ... So They Can Vote?

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By: Jack Hammer - TapWires News Service

It has long been known that The University of Wisconsin in Madison, Wisconsin was a far left liberal enclave which is why perhaps it was not surprising when the University was caught on camera this week handing out voter ID cards to foreign nationals. 

Obviously, there is only reason that a university in the Midwest – would hand out voter ID cards to individuals who were not legally qualified to vote. 

What does this say about the integrity of our electoral system when there are few legal impediments to this kind of obvious chicanery corrupting the voting process.  

What does this say about other universities and liberal strongholds around the country?  How deep does this type of corruption run?

Remember, this is just one university in the Midwest.  Evidently, the University of Wisconsin has replaced the ethics and civics classes with Machiavellian classes on deceit and election fraud.  

Try as I might I cannot think of one other possible reason that would explain @UWMadison have for issuing a "Voter ID Card" to a foreign exchange student?

This comes to us Via The MacIver Center News Service and Matt Batzel:

Can this possibly be illegal?  At the very least this unethical and very suspicious.  

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