Baltimore Sun Media Critic Says Press Must Call Out Trump's 'Madness Of Lies' And 'Call Him Racist'

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By: Nick Givas

Baltimore Sun media critic David Zurawik said on CNN's "Reliable Sources" Sunday that it's the media's job to call President Donald Trump a "racist."

Host Brian Stelter was discussing a Trump campaign ad about illegal immigration, which CNN refused to run on its network and congratulated it on standing up to the president's racism. (RELATED: MLK's Niece Says Trump Is Not A Racist And Has Helped The Black Community)

"It is a bigger story, honestly. I saw it today and I thought 'wow I wish I had had a piece of that.' This is huge that CNN said this is racist, said we're not going to take your money," Zurawik declared.


"That was a really great stand to take on it. We have to. We have to call [Trump] racist. We have to call him a misogynist when he says things, the things he says about women."

Stelter said Zurawik might be taking things too far but saying the media must call Trump racist, but he doubled down and stood by his statement.

"You're going far there saying we have to call him a racist," Stelter said.

"We absolutely have to!" Zurawik replied. "Look, somebody has to speak truth to this madness of lies."

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