Defining Moment: Medical Emergency At Trump MO Rally - Trump Pauses - Then Spontaneously Crowd Sings "Amazing Grace" (VIDEO)

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By: Dr. Jake Baker - TapWires News Service

There are defining moments in history, lives and events that tell us so much about who we are and what we really stand for.  We experienced one of those moments last night. 

Here’s the setting.  President Trump is in the middle of his speech at the rally in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. A woman has a medical issue.  Trump stops speaking and calls for a doctor.  He tells the doctor to take their time … help the woman.  He pauses the event for several minutes.  This is the last event in a crucial barnstorming tour that has swept across key states as the critical 2018 midterm elections unfold in America.  Trump is undoubtedly tired after eleven events in under a week.  He’s on his third event of the day and yet he pauses and waits for this poor woman to receive medical treatment.  The room falls silent.

What would the left have done in this situation?  Well, first they wouldn’t have had this situation because this lady who had a front row seat had probably been there 12 or 14 hours.  That doesn’t happen on the left ... they can barely fill a phone booth let alone count on supporters to arrive at a venue 14 hours in advance.  But beyond that, can one imagine Hillary Clinton stopping a speech and asking doctors to take their time?  She would have been annoyed and impatient.  She would have reamed her staff for not having medical personal get the woman out of the way.  But that’s not Donald Trump.  Instead, Trump stops everything and tells the doctor repeatedly to take his time.  

But what happened next ... well it was amazing.  The crowd at the Trump rally in Missouri paused with Trump for their fallen sister.  Instead of growing impatient or rowdy, they did something that had to touch even the hearts of the fake news media in the room.  

This crowd of "deplorables", hated by the media and the American left, broke into song … and before all of America and without hesitation, thousands of people bowed their hearts together singing "Amazing Grace" as the doctor attended to this woman … a sister … a fellow trump supporter … an American.  

"That was beautiful," Trump said after resuming his spot behind the podium. “Hopefully she’ll be OK.”

After the pause Trump went back to work and finished his speech and the crowd was just as energetic after the medical emergency as before.  But all of this and his response reminds us of just who Donald Trump is.  He is a genuine leader of people.  Trump is part of a movement to restore America.  But this is not just about jobs, and numbers, and stats.  It is about restoring faith, hope, and patriotism which is the real beating heart of America and American exceptionalism.

His pause in the proceedings, especially with what is at stake, reveals what the mainstream media never wants you to see ... the soul of both Donald Trump and this movement.  This is about America and Americans. This is about nationalism.  The left, well, they are about globalism, tribalism, and group-think.  The MAGA movement is about individualism. 

This is about the Declaration of Independence and the understanding that We the People are at the center of all of this.  All of us as individual Americans, not tribes separated by class, color, origin and other artificial divides, are the government.  We are a nation of law, not a group of tribal combatants waring against each other.  We, all of us, real Americans are a people bound by our common heritage, common history, and belief that the only God, Yahweh, planted this nation on the face of this earth to be unique in all the world as a shining city set on a hill. 

Today, this day, will determine if we, all of us as individual Americans, who form a nation singular in all history, will choose to see our nation live on as one nation under God with liberty, justice, and the rule of law or will we choose a different path … the path of the eftists who would see our nation’s laws rejected, our heritage erased, our history rewritten, and our country dissolved into the Democrats' cold gray globalist new world order.   

I pray that it is the former and not the latter.  Pray for America, vote, and keep the life blood of America flowing with hard work and a renewed vision and by God’s grace have the faith to believe that even in this crucial hour, God can intervene and pluck us from the fire.  

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