Trump Senate Strategy Brilliant - And Flips History ...  The Bad News: Come January Its, “Good Morning Speaker Pelosi” – That’s Gotta’ Hurt

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By: Dr. Jake Baker -TapWires News Service

Facing the headwinds of history, where the party in power loses on average 32 seats in the House and several in the Senate, with 41 Republicans retiring from the House of Representatives, including House Speaker, Paul Ryan, and the GOP doing everything they can to give away the House to stop the Trump agenda, and the media unleashing a two-year firestorm on Republicans and Trump, the bitterest words for GOP House members must now claw their way out of the lips of Republicans, “Good morning Speaker Pelosi.”

While losing the House can’t be considered good news, from the start Trump has had very little leadership support in the House under the heavy hand of never-Trumper Paul Ryan, who along with 40 other Republicans called it quits in 2018, in what seems to be an establishment ploy to kill the Trump agenda. The historical Senate losses for Democrats came even as their party captured the House in what was supposed to be a monster blue wave which flattened out and became more of a lackluster tide.

This was the first time since the nation began unconstitutionally directly electing U.S. senators in 1914 that a party has won control of the House without gaining seats in the Senate.

In this midterm election year, Democrats actually lost seats in the Senate.  These GOP gains are significant because a larger Republican majority will make approval of  judicial nominations and cabinet appointments considerably easier for President Trump over the next two years.  That means that Trump’s judicial appointments could dominate the courts for decades to come. 

While the final numbers were not yet in, it appears that the Democrats will hold a slim majority in the House with somewhere in the neighborhood of 228 seats and the GOP will occupy only 207 seats. Come January 3rd, the Dems will take control of all committees in the House and by January 21st the President will be under investigation and, if the Dems have their way, on his way to impeachment.  

For his part, President Trump's strategy was brilliant and he kept it completely under the radar.  He knew the House was lost but he had to save the Senate.  He campaigned tirelessly across the country and was able to stem the tide and prevent a complete Democratic takeover in Congress. 

By building a breakwater to help flatten the blue wave in the Senate, he avoided a repeat of President Obama's first midterm elections in 2010, when the Dems lost 6 seats in the Senate and 63 in the House.  That, of course, was crucial given the vengeful nature of the Democrats who could have used a Democratic Senate to secure an impeachment trial, placing the president’s head on a political pike.

At the time of this writing, we know that the GOP has flipped seats in Indiana, Florida, and Missouri. The GOP has now increased their majority by three to five seats, depending on the outcome of the races for Matt Rosendale in Montana and Martha McSally in Arizona, both having small leads in their races, which will help President Trump and leave the Democrats with only a hollow partial victory. 

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