Dems Slide In to Full Crazy and Panic At The Firing of Jeff Sessions – and His Replacement With Matthew Whitaker

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By: Dr. Jake Baker - TapWires News Service

Auntie Maxine Waters (D-CA) slid into full crazy, at the removal of Attorney General Jeff Sessions from the helm at Trump’s DOJ.   She said that President Donald Trump’s removal of Sessions and his appointment of Matthew Whitaker as acting AG was an attempt to kill the special counsel’s investigation and stop Robert Mueller.

Interesting that someone with as many ethics complaints and hearings as Maxine Waters, would make ethics an issue, but beyond that, everybody in Washington DC and around the country knew that Sessions was gone after the Midterms … everybody.  Sessions deceived and betrayed Trump by not telling him he was going to recuse himself from the Mueller probe.  But predictably and right on que, the mentally and intellectually incontinent Waters babbled on to complete Trump-hating nonsense and racist slurs.

Waters said, “This action by the president of the United States to fire him is directly connected to the investigation that is being led by Mueller. This president is interested in undermining that investigation. Stopping that investigation. He has threatened to fire him.

Of course ,many of us have been opposed to Jeff Sessions for a lot of reasons—his racist background, et cetera, et cetera. But this president is focusing on him and firing him literally because I think he’s putting into action the plan by which to stop the investigation by putting Whitaker in as the acting attorney general. So, we’re talking about a different situation here. But this is very dangerous.”

Babbling on she ranted, “I have always maintained that Donald Trump would never be presidential. I am not really shocked or surprised by anything that he may say or do. He has been absolutely outrageous in the way that he has called names, outrageous in the way that he has threatened, outrageous in the way that he’s promoting himself all the time.

He wants to act like a dictator and so here we are, we find ourselves at a point in time where there are a lot of people who really believed that we could work together. So now he’s talking about investigating those who would in any way be involved in an investigation that is ongoing, that has been underway with special counsel, who has been given the mandate to get it done.

So, I think what we’re seeing is a continuation of a president who likes the authority, the ability, the wherewithal to have an appreciation for the Constitution, for a way that the protocol dictates that we work, et cetera, et cetera. ”

Meanwhile Chuck Schumer, one of the most volatile and hyper-partisan hacks in the Senate said on Wednesday that acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker should recuse himself from overseeing special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

"Given his previous comments advocating defunding and imposing limitations on the Mueller investigation, Mr. Whitaker should recuse himself from its oversight for the duration of his time as acting attorney general," Schumer said in a statement on Wednesday. 

But once again, Schumer has no problem with Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein heading the Mueller probe despite the fact that he is both a prosecutor and witness in the “obstruction” case centered around the firing of James Comey.  He is also a personal friend of and vacationed with Robert Mueller. Both of these are disqualifying factors for Rosenstein in this case. 

Further, both he and Mueller who was then head of the FBI, were up to their necks in the crooked Uranium One deal which gave at least 25% of our uranium interests to Putin and his communist cadre of thugs.   This despite the fact that we already have a shortage of uranium and actually have to import the metal.  That sweet deal netted a bunch of cash for a lot of people including Hillary Clinton who walked away with more than $100 million in donations to the Clinton Foundation.  

Also ignored is the fixed investigation into the Clinton email scandal, Benghazi, Uranium One, and alleged pay to play secrets sharing, in which allegedly, governments who were generous with the Clinton Foundation were given access.

The bottom line is not that the left is outraged by the firing of Jeff Sessions, they are trembling at the prospect of an honest, Acting Attorney General Whitaker who just might start investigating some of these scandals.  Now add to the list of criminal and treasonous behavior, the felony leaking of classified materials by Democrats in the House and Senate and this could get very interesting very quickly. 

The left is terrified that the FISA documents will be declassified and the truth of their treasonous attempted coup using and perpetrating a fraud upon the secret FISA court to undermine then candidate Donald Trump, rig a federal election, and overthrow a sitting president representing the government of the United States, might be on public display. 

Trump is no fool.  He decided not to release the classified documents before the election for a very good reason that had nothing to do with a deal, or the Brits asking him to keep them classified, or Rod Rosenstein talking him in to keeping them hidden.  Trump held these bombshells for round two in his battle to stop the coup planned by the Deep State, the media, Democrats and particularly House Democrats.   Trump knows he can use this unfolding sedition to keep the hate-America Democrats on their heels. 

As Sherlock Holmes would say, “The Games Afoot.”

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