Exposed - The Hidden Coup, Unseen … Until Now - The Left's Dark Plan To End America, Sovereignty - And Freedom Loving Americans

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By: Dr Jake Baker - TapWires News Service

Since the election of Donald Trump to the White House the Democrats have had a few consistent themes.  They have denied the legitimacy of his presidency by leaking and releasing selective classified materials in violation of federal law to diminish him and bring down the stature of him personally and the office of the president of the United States which he occupies.  

They have used the media to harass and embarrass him and use the illegal and unethical Russia probe conducted by unlawfully appointed special counsel Robert Mueller to tie his hands and further diminish him and his administration with outrageous stories like the Russian hookers and urination to try to make him look cheap and dirty.  

Their goal – as they have stated often is to make him look “unpresidential” and inept.  They have attacked on every front including the Kavanaugh debacle and humiliating his cabinet members using violence and intimidation employing groups like ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter and the Soros funded special ops political assassination hit-squads described by the media as nonprofit organizations.  

Not satisfied with their incessant attack agenda aimed at Trump they have adopted a similar seek,  and destroy routine for any elected Republican. 

They forced Devin Nunes to recuse himself from his own House Intelligence Committee, (which in the end backfired and hurt them badly as Nunes while recused, spent his time secretly working with clandestine sources to gather information which in the end exposed both FBI and DOJ corruption at the highest levels) they brought ethics charges against Mark Meadows after he took both the appropriate and correct legal action firing his chief of staff after it was discovered that he had been involved in sexual harassment. 

Meadows the victim of an outrageous act of partisan politics was subsequently sanctioned by the House Ethics panel despite the fact that those harassed by his former chief of staff said that Meadows was great and had their back the whole time.

The Democrats the media and well-funded Soros minions and their organizations brought charges of a coverup against Jim Jordan in a decades old scandal that had nothing to do with Congressman Jordan.  But that’s how the Democrats operate.  During that same time period Congressman and second in command at the DNC Keith Ellison faced charges of domestic violence and battery from multiple women which was almost completely ignored by Democrats and the media  

Now continuing that pattern, they have stolen elections across the country and in the elections they could not steal they are using the same seek and destroy tactics on newly elected Republicans.  In Florida they attempted to sully the elections of both Rick DeSantis whom they accused of being a racist. 

Gillum wisely denied that he thought DeSantis was individually or personally a racist but said instead that the collective GOP and the entire “system” is racist on every front.  They painted Rick Scott as a racist vote suppresser because he didn’t want to count fake ballots, and mystery ballots whose signatures did not match those at the SOE offices and votes for his opponent by those who were here illegally and voting illegally. 

Then there is the case of failed racist gubernatorial candidate Stacy Abrams who railed against Governor elect Brian Kemp whom Abrams loathes and against whom she has brought the most vile scurrilous and of course false charges.  In fact, she insisted that Kemp had  compromised “our system” accusing him of voter suppression and rigging an election. This despite the fact that it was the Democrats in Democrat counties that had discovered tens of thousands of mystery votes from Democrat precincts that she demanded had to be counted. 

But Abrams not content with losing a fair election, continues to vomit out charges of fraud and racism.  And in a fit of pique vowed that this is not over despite Kemp being declared the winner.  Abrams said:

"In the coming days, we will be filing a major federal lawsuit against the state of Georgia for the gross mismanagement of this election and to protect future elections," she said.

Meanwhile the Democrat attack dogs from the former Obama Regime are barking across the country.  Partisan hack and former Ethics Chief (which with Democrats is an oxymoron) Walter Schaub, said Sunday of Georgia Gov.-elect Brian Kemp, “[he] should not be treated as a "normal head of the state" because of allegations of voter suppression during this month's election.”  So there you have it Brett Kavanaugh all over again.  Just make an accusation and hit has to be believed even if the allegation comes from the camp of the political enemy of the accused.

Then there were the allegations about Georgia's gubernatorial race that were posted on Twitter by Ari Berman, a writer for liberal publications such as the far-left Mother Jones and the daily-manifest laughingly called the Nation.

Berman alleged that Governor-Elect Kemp, in his role as Georgia's secretary of state, had intentionally purged the voter roles of as many as 1.5 million voters from registration logs, and that the state had placed 53,000 registrations on hold, closed more than 200 polling sites and made voters wait in lines for more than four hours.

Of course, what Berman did not mention is that Georgia law requires roles to be cleaned of deceased voters, voters who are no longer Georgia residents and those no longer legally registered to vote.  Where there are questions of legitimacy of a voter or the legality of their status, it is common practice in most non-Democrat strongholds to place holds on those dubious registrations.  And the Secretary of State does not control the incompetence of Democrats running the polling locations of precincts in Democrat strongholds in Georgia. 

Kemp, 55, who has been forced to defend himself against allegations of tainting an election and rigging the vote, asked Georgia's voters to unite behind him Saturday after the election results were certified, showing he defeated Democrat Stacey Abrams, a 44-year-old far-left attorney.

"Look, we have laws on the books that prevent elections from being stolen from anyone," Kemp said, according to Atlanta's FOX 5. Those laws "make sure we have secure, accessible, fair elections," he added.

Norm Eisen, a former Obama Ambassador to the Czech Republic mocked Abrams saying that if the same conditions Berman described in Georgia had existed in a country to which he was appointed an ambassador, he "would have publicly slammed them & called for economic sanctions."

"I certainly would not have treated the 'winning' candidate as the normal head of the state, & we should not do so here," Eisen wrote.  This seems to be the new normal for Democrats … “Vote Shaming.”

Fox News Reported that: “During the campaign, racist Democrat Abrams repeatedly accused Kemp of voter suppression. Final tallies showed that Kemp won by about 55,000 votes, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.”

As we reported over the weekend Abrams acknowledged defeat Friday, 10 days after the election, but refused to call it a concession.  She said:

Abrams told supporters that Kemp placed "his hopes for election on the suppression of the people's democratic right to vote."

"Concession means to acknowledge an act is right, true or proper...I cannot concede that," she added.

This is just the latest round in this Democrat national campaign to delegitimize Republicans and conservatives across the country.   It started with Trump but is now extending to every Republican including Republican voters.  In fact, media darling Kirsten Powers said that all “white women” who vote for Trump are “Racist”

That is why you will see investigation after investigation of the President once the House is taken over by Democrats.  They know they don’t have anything on him this is just part of a vicious – America-hating Democrat campaign to end America as we know it , delegitimize the president and the presidency and use the uber-strategy of demonizing an entire group of people, Christians and conservative Republicans – which in this case, is a group comprised of half the nation, just as Joseph Goebbels did in Nazi Germany in a propaganda war against Jews.  And the Democrats are smart enough  to have taken many of the right steps to pull off their betrayal of America. 

They very closely followed the Communist models of Russia and especially China.  They took control of the nations “intellectual” clique at schools and universities.  We now have a couple of generations raised by the liberal school district of our children.  The left has pushed for more and more education spending from pre-kindergarten through college.  Why?  Why do they so viciously attack home-schoolers?  Simple!  They want your kids in public schools being indoctrinated 8 hours a day by leftist teachers and their far-left curriculums. 

Of course, in all of this the question must be asked, parents why in the world would you turn your children’s lives and education, the shaping of their morality, the building of their ethical system of understanding to total strangers in a leftist wonder land of liberal anti-American teachers?

The left has sown their devious genius in their use of the play book of every radical who has ever taken control of a country through revolution whether it was a bloody civil war or mere usurpation as in the case of America and taken complete and absolute control of the media and means of communication.  From MSNBC and CNN to the now center to left leaning, with a few exceptions,  Fox News. 

So where does this leave us?  It leaves us three quarters of the way down the path to losing America.  If we are to win this battle, we must make dramatic, radical, and revolutionary changes to how we stage our resistance to the resistance.  We must fundamentally alter the battle, change the way we approach this war and fight them as a gorilla force on so many fronts that they have no idea where to send their army of minions and how to defeat us … when they don’t know at any given time who we are let alone, where we are. 

Such a plan will not be easy to design, it will be difficult to implement, and it won’t be done on the cheap.  But there are rumors of a building movement, one that if successful will change the very foundations and infrastructure of how we approach our resistance to the resistance … It is The Defiance, and despite the left’s best efforts crush the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the American spirit,  that spirit lives on and in the hearts of freedom loving people. 

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