"Are You Willing to Die for Your YouTube Sh*t?" - Antifa Thugs Brandishing AR15's Assault Journalist at Seattle Rally - Police Threaten Journalist

Jake Baker  ·  December 02, 2018  ·  Featured, Terror, Constitution, Left Wing Ideology, Leftist Bullies, U.S. News

By: H.T. Coffee – TapWires News Service

The most unlikely reporter in the state or Oregon was sent to cover a conservative event, gay Portland based video journalist and writer for Quillette, Andy Ngo traveled to Seattle to cover the pro Constitution rally sponsored by the 111%ers and other aligned conservative organizations.  As expected, the communist anarchists of ANTIFA with their Red Army flags were expected to be there to harass, intimidate, threaten and if they followed their usual pattern violently attack conservatives and police. 

As reporter Ngo made his way to the camp of the ANTIFA commies to document the gathering of the new Bolsheviks he was confronted by thugs who threatened him and were armed with AR-15 and AK-47 rifles.  

When I tried to walk to the street corner where antifa was demonstrating, two of their people with guns confronted me.

While police initially encouraged the ANTIFA thugs to let Ngo pass, noting that it was unlawful to prevent anyone from gaining access to public areas of the city that soon changed. 

A short time later however Seattle “police” officers just as they had in places such as Portland and Berkeley, abandoned lawful policing and began targeting the victim, Ngo, threatening to arrest him for lawfully standing on the sidewalk while filming. Imagine you are being victimized by ANTIFA thugs from several different directions, the Bolsheviks are pushing, shoving, slapping you up against a police barrier and the cops are siding with the ANTIFA attackers. 

The officers of the Seattle "police" department were saying that Ngo's presence was "inciting conflict" and ordered Ngo to leave the public area.  He was threatened with arrest for filming the event.  Ngo was simply doing his job and in violation of the First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of the press, government officials order him out of the area instead or arresting the  thugs who were causing the problem with physical and verbal attacks.  That’s like arresting a mugging victim for walking in a bad area. Insanity.

It would seem that it is all about politics in Seattle because Seattle police had no problem with ANTIFA staging their un-permitted protest, blocking the sidewalks, brandishing firearms, and continually accosting and physically assaulting Ngo.

But it gets even worse as one antifa member issued a death threat to Ngo, saying "Are you willing to die for Youtube sh*t?...Death is coming to you... You spying and doing this punk s*** is gunna get you hurt."

It is time that federal authorities step in and begin arresting members of the Seattle police department including those in charge.  This is a criminal enterprise and a RICO conspiracy.  Arrests need to start at the bottom and continue until they reach the Mayor’s office.  If that isn’t enough the governor needs to join those in orange jump suits and Joe Arpaio needs to be appointed special guardian of their imprisonment.  

If this situation is lefty to fester, at some point in time conservatives will tire of being pushed around, beaten, harassed and threatened and they will react, and violence and mayhem could spread across the nation.   Enough is enough.

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