Gregg Jarrett Cautions Trump Against His Top Choice For Attorney General, 'William Barr is an Establishment Insider' (VIDEO)

Jake Baker  ·  December 07, 2018  ·  Featured, Politics, Left Wing Ideology, Leftist Bullies, Corrupt Courts

By: Dr. Jake Baker - TapWires News Service

Fox News legal analyst, and attorney Gregg Jarrett a regular on Sean Hannity, spoke with FBN’s Lou Dobbs Thursday evening about reports out of the Washington Post that President Trump was set to select William Barr as his choice to be the next Attorney General.   That choice makes conservatives nervous – but then again, the information came from WaPo and might be more of a hopeful suggestion than a hard fact. 

Barr a lawyer at Kirkland and Ellis is 68-years-old and his claim to fame is a previous stint in the AG job under very establishment, George H.W. Bush.  More establishment types in the Administration like the pick but conservatives object to his very establishment roots. 

Ever-Trumper Gregg Jarrett cautioned against Barr as a replacement for Sessions as AG saying he is a Washington insider and that in his opinion this is not the man for the job.

“As for William Barr, yes unquestionable integrity, a fine reputation, great experience - he brings gravitas to the job but he is an establishment figure at a time that I think we need a disruptor as Attorney General," Jarrett cautioned and added, "Somebody who would vigorously go after corrupt officials at the FBI and Department of Justice who were abusing their positions of power and attempting to undermine democracy."

Jarrett flatly stated, "I'm afraid Barr is not that guy."

Conservatives agree that Barr is a place keeper not a disrupter at a time when there is an all-out war for control of the Department of Justice between patriots and the traitors of the Deep State.  It was a weak or compromised Jeff Sessions that held this country hostage for a year and a half when he decided as a result of weakness or was perhaps blackmailed into recusing himself beginning the first day on the job at AG.

That single act of Sessions' recusal oened the flood gates for a corrupt Rod Rosenstein to appointment a Special Counsel in the person of corrupt cop Robert Mueller.  Mueller is under investigation in Tennessee and was key player in the treasonous Uranium One deal with Hillary Clinton.   Since the Sessions’ recusal Rosenstein took who is thought to be involved in a plot to overthrow Trump with secret wire taps and the 25th amendment, took over as Deputy Attorney General and remains the de facto AG despite the Trump appointment of Matthew Whitaker as acting AG.

Conservatives are warning President Trump to steer clear of establishment insiders and perhaps even Deep State sympathizers like Barr who will not even acknowledge the Deep State or the swamp, let alone take either on and clear them out. 

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