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BREAKING: President Trump Interrupts Paul Ryan During GOP Meeting - CALLS HOUSE GOP LEADERS TO WHITE HOUSE FOR MEETING (Video)

McConnell says Senate will vote on stopgap to avert shutdown - without new border wall funding

Dems, White House refuse to budge over border wall as Friday shutdown looms

400 Former DOJ Officials Sign Letter Protesting AG Whitaker -- Zero Protested Deep State Spying, Or Coup Against Trump

Sen. King: Third of the Country Would See Impeachment as 'Revenge,' 'Coup'

Rep. Matt Gaetz on Comey Deep State Crimes: "Republican Leadership Did Not Want Us to Get to the Bottom of the Facts" (VIDEO)

REVEALED: Deep State FBI Plotted to Remove Trump Before Mueller Witch Hunt - Opened Secret Obstruction Case Against US President BEFORE Special Counsel

Report: Rosenstein Appointed a Special Counsel to Investigate Trump in Response to a Request From Dem Senator Mark Warner

Disappointing: President Trump Picks Establishment William Barr as Next Attorney General

Goodlatte: House Leadership Blocked Trump-Backed Immigration Reform