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California rejects 2nd Amendment court rulings from other states

Blame game begins as federal government partially shuts down over wall impasse

Brazil's Conservatives Turn Ambitions Towards Global Anti-Socialist Alliance

HUGE! GOP Rep Introduces Bill to Remove Liability Protections from Tech Giants -- Will Force Social Media to Pay for Political Discrimination

The Fed and Jerome Powell Have Increased Annual US Debt by HALF A TRILLION DOLLARS!... 100 TIMES What Trump Wants for the Wall!!!

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 85, undergoes lung procedure to remove cancerous growth

Jim Mattis Resigns - Prompts Calls For Impeachment - A Military Coup - And Rumors of Suicide

McCain associate shared unverified Steele dossier with Buzzfeed, court filing says

Acting AG Matt Whitaker CLEARED to Take Over Mueller Probe -- SHUT IT DOWN!

White House throws government funding deal into doubt, says Trump 'does not want to go further without border security'