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AMAZING MOMENT! US Soldier in Iraq Tells President Trump: "I Came Back into the Military Because of You"

BREAKING: DOJ Colluding With Clinton Email Scandal Witnesses to Thwart Court-Ordered Discovery Efforts by Judicial Watch

NFL Draft Bust Ryan Leaf Offers To Pay Park Ranger's Mortgage During Government Shutdown

Rapper Talib Kweli: 'Nazi Germany Had a Wall Called the Berlin Wall'

Law profs: Change Supreme Court to give Dems more control

The Fed and Jerome Powell Have Increased Annual US Debt by HALF A TRILLION DOLLARS!... 100 TIMES What Trump Wants for the Wall!!!

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 85, undergoes lung procedure to remove cancerous growth

Leftists Respond to #GoFundTheWall By Launching Fundraiser for 'Ladders' so Illegal Aliens Can Climb Over

WOW! Even CNBC's Jim Cramer Agrees! - Fed Chair Powell "Trump's Worst Nightmare" -- Who the Hell Raises Rates w/Dow Down 12% in 3 Mos.?

TWO-TIERED JUSTICE: Mike Flynn and Tony Podesta Did Same Work for Turkey, Both Filed Retroactively -- Flynn's Life Is in Tatters As Podesta Walks Free