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Stop Playing By Their Rules

America is trapped in a malaise of sell-out politicians, moral uncertainty, spineless leaders, over-aweing government, and a god-state mentality that permeates politics from city hall to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Our information systems are clouded by agenda driven social media platforms, paralyzing leftist clap-trap spewed by the media, or “fair and balanced” nonsense that creates a moral equivalency between traditional constitutional America and socialist progressive America.

The Solution: Stop playing by their rules. Many in the public eye have called for civil disobedience. That, unfortunately, is exactly what the left wants us to do. Instead of civil disobedience, how about Constitutional obedience?

What we need is more than a website, a slogan, or another Super PAC controlling elections. We need a new paradigm that rejects the mined playing field and the rules of engagement created by the progressives of both parties.

We have an army of 80 to 100 million conservatives; 30 million comprise the Christian Right and 15 to 20 million TEA Party Americans, all of whom are frustrated. For too long we have been financial blood donors for the political vampires who first feed on us, make sweet promises, then betray us while gorging themselves on the life blood of the economy … our hard earned cash … a cycle which is repeated every two years. Enough!

There is a solution. TapWires is not a website … it is a portal to a whole new paradigm where we follow America’s rules, rejecting dishonest weights and measures that are now considered the norm. TapWires is a messaging funding machine that is primarily designed to fund campaigns, charitable endeavors, or really anything else that one can think of. No more will candidates be required to worship at the altar of big business, big labor, or special interests.

Millions of advertising dollars will replace shaking down conservatives for every dime they earn. And here's the beauty of our system. Advertisers pay for nothing until we have delivered exactly what we have promised. It is no risk advertising. You get exactly what you pay for – but only after you’ve gotten it.

TapWires will utilize the technology of Mr. Obama’s Dashboard;

It is “ThunderTap” our Version of Thunder Clap;

It is individuals controlling the distribution of $100s of millions from shared advertising revenue to elect “average Joe” to office to govern with common sense, and with the understanding that special interests did not put them in office we the people did. And because we will still be receiving funds every month, we the people can hold our elected official accountable.

TapWires is the ability to fund charitable work, or class trips or anything under else the sun;

It is our own radio and television networks;

It is reporters stationed around the world;

It is more than a News Site … it is a Truth Site with both professional reporters and citizen journalists making our reporting staff as big as everyone on the site;

It is in depth investigations of events like the IRS targeting of conservatives, or crooked judges, and it is investigations facilitating state criminal charges against even federally elected officials.

And this is just the beginning!

TapWires is hope. It is a business revenue model that, while astoundingly simple, is astonishingly robust. TapWires is social media, justice, constitutional government, investigative journalism, hundreds of millions in funding; it is political, economic, social and constitutional power that will become a part of the daily lives of 80 to 100 million Americans. It will make much of our lives easier, faster, cheaper, and better – but more – it is the power to end the darkness and malaise and restore hope – Reawakening The Dream of America. It is the power to wrest back control our lives, our culture, our political life and our destiny as a nation. It is …TapWires.

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